Aden's Library....

Aden loves books! I know he is not 3 months old yet..but he loves them anyway. He stares intently at the pages and sits so still while you read to him.
I thought I was lucky getting 2 packages in the mail this week...turns out they were both for Aden!

For me?? he says!

My Mum sent him his first 'Book Fair' book.
'Driving Down to Grandma's' by Ian Whybrow Illustrations by Ed Eaves
It is a cute ryhming book about a family of bears driving to Grandma's for cake! They pass a fire truck and a bus, stop at a petrol station and have a car wash. The illustrations are lovely and bright with heaps of things to look at and point out to Aden. There is also a bee to find on each page! We like this book. Thanks Nanny!

The second parcel was from Aunty Bee (with a Brithday card inside for me). A cute little set of 4 books. Thanks Aunty Bee!


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