These are no where near perfect...but I'm really pleased with them. I probally should have started with something a little bit easier for my first actuall Free-motion Quilting on a quilt...never mind.
I have learnt a few things...
1. Don't get distracted by looking at the baby...without taking your foot off the pedal first
2. Have an idea of where you want to finish before you start
3. Try and look a little bit ahead of where you are actually sewing, it makes for smoother movements
4. Don't panic when you find yourself stuck in a corner...stop and think about it..there is always a way out!

So hopefully my swappee will forgive these amature attempts at FMQ and look at the big picture...It looks better when you stand back a little bit!

Only the binding and a lable and it will be in the post by mid week...days before the deadline! Yippee


Helen said…
For one of your first attempts at FMQ it looks pretty good to me!
Natalie said…
Your spirals look fantastic, wish mine looked like that!
Car said…
Wow - that's a first attempt :o that's great work! You should have seen my first attempt!
becanne said…
I unpicked ALL the FMQ on mine! Several times...before giving up!That makes me even more impressed by yours!
I love the way the spirals echo the blue fabric.
Really looking forward to seeing this one when it is revealled. The colour choice looks great.
Cascade Lily said…
I reckon that's pretty good FMQ AJ :)

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