I broke the bobbin winder in my machine on Wednesday...sooo sad...I was almost finished the Doll Quilt Wall Hanging I've been making for my close!

My darling husband used all his mechanical skills to pull it apart and find the problem...a broken rubber ring on the bobbin winder.
So I went to a local sewing machine shop to see if they had the part...they didn't but they had something machines!! Now I just have to convince Hubby that I need a new one!

They sent me to a different quilt shop today to see if I could get the part there...I can on order...but I also got a rude shock! The lady in the shop asked me to leave because I was talking on my mobile to my sister.

I could understand it if I was interrupting her or anyone else in the shop but there was no one there, or if I was being served by her...I wasn't I was just looking at the fabrics on the shelf...or if my conversation was private, rude or offencive in any wasn't I was telling her about Aden and how he is all better from his cold and how he handled his needles...and I was even making an effort to talk quietly!

I was going to buy some fabric and a pattern in there....HA! Fat chance now! That rude lady just lost a very good sale and most likely a few more from other trips I would have taken there!

I'm still upset over it more than a few hours later!


Cee said…
OH NO!! No sewing machine! Are you going to be ok??

It's actually a huge bummer for me too because I was hoping to use your machine while I was up there Hmm...the over locker will probably suffice. Hope you don't mind! :)
Car said…
What a horrible lady :o

Let me know if you get a new machine, I'm sort of on the lookout of upgrading my machine (due to the damn squeak that keeps coming back ;) and I'm interested to see what others are using :)
The Humming Cat said…
OMG!! Your machine is naked!
Emma said…
Aha! I wondered why you had a new machine all of a sudden! This post only just appeared in my reader this morning. I really think you should tell everyone which shop it was, so they can all avoid it, too!

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