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15 Weeks

I survived a full day at work with the kids and being pregnant! An interesting mix of kids this year who already look to keep me on my toes! Well at least for 6 months...not that I am ready counting!!

I missed my daily 2pm nap today so am feeling rather tired tonight...and I was extra hungry today so an early dinner and off to bed I think.

I've had a few headaches and leg cramps this week....not enough water I fear...and I'm trying so hard, I just can't seem to drink enough! (also the night time toilet trips are trying to be avoided) I also think the headaches are from the way I have been sleeping and I've put my neck out somehow...hopefully a trip to the acupuncturist on Thursday will help with the headaches...and plus I'd like to go see him and thank him for his help....I felt much calmer and relaxed for that last cycle

DH piked on the shopping trip I had planned for last weekend so he has promised we will go this week and get a rocker for me and one for bub! I alre…

Almost finished....

I worked on this quilt top for Foz this weekend instead of getting ready to head back to work tomorrow...It still has one more white border to add to the outer edge...I love the simplicity of it and the colours of course...I hope Foz likes it too...I will start on the pastel one soon...the fabric is cut out ready to go!(crappy night photo - sorry)

In between quilting I cooked dinner...a rarity in this house as DH always does it...but I have to put up these pictures for Mick... Pork Chops glazed with Melrose Mango Sauce...and oh so delicious!! You'll have to try it next time you visit!

So grown up!!

For the benefit of my sisters....look how big this little one has gotten!! I can't help but show her off...sooooo cute!
I soooo wish we lived closer so I don't have to miss out on so much of her life...alas the hour long phone calls and emailed photos will have to do for now :(

Alannah Clare

Decision Made....

well sort of....I got fabric for both option 1 and 3....of course DH didn't like any of them....Oh well he can carry the baby and I will carry the bag....babies are heavier than bags aren't they?? I'm getting a 'plain' carrier for Dh to 'babywear' so that should solve that to find a pram to match the bag!!

I also got the first fabric in option 2....but for a different project...

Opps I know that is a lot of fabric buying lately....and I went to SL this arvo to pick up some extra fabric for 2 commissioned quilts I'm making...cot/play quilts for Foz....I hope she like the fabrics....

I haven't really worked with pastels before...but I enjoyed picking these ones out and they look sooooo sweet and will work perfectly in the design that has been picked.

I of course went over board when it came to picking fabrics for the bright version of the same quilt....and found it hard to reduce it to any less than this number of fabrics...

You'll notic…

Help me choose!!

I'm spending my last day of holidays doing things I like, the house was cleaned from top to bottom yesterday, so I don't feel guilty at all....well execpt for maybe the spending money part....

I've decided to make my own nappy bag like the one Joy made here...but the fabric choices are scary....just too many of them!! It has to be something that DH will also the outside is going to be rather plain, ie not too girly...but for the inside I can pick what I like.

I have three options I like so far....all in similar colour ranges but different

Option One

Full Moon Forest for the inside Flutterby for the outside feature pocketsMain outside colour Are the stripes with the butterflies too much?????

Edited to add the main colour...and change the fabrics around thanks to Joy's suggestion....

Option Two

Teal Nest Feathers for the insidePlain or tone-on-tone yellow for the outside feature pockets (or something like this)
Main outside colour would be dark/navy blue to match the…

14 Weeks

I think my belly has popped in the last week...Well it looks it from the angle that I see!! What do you think??I haven't gained any more weight so not sure where the belly is coming from! It does look big in this dress... I'll get DH to take some more this arvo when he gets home....maybe in those daggy shorts again!! I went shopping for some new work clothes yesterday....found a few nice things that I can wear for a few more months yet and I also got 2 pairs of maternity pants...most of the maternity stuff I saw was yuck!!

We had a bit of a scare this week too....A little bleeding saw me heading to the clinic to get checked out....a quick ultrasound later, with a beautiful beating heart and reassurances from the doc, stopped me from worrying all weekend.

I had some good mail this week....nappies!! Soooooo soft! I can't wait to put them on bubs....but while I'm waiting and still on holidays with time to do it, I unpacked the chest at the bottom of my bed in which I …

A New Quilt

The lovely Emma has sent me a new quilt for my part of the 'pay it forward' movement. I haven't forgotten mine either...and I am slowly working on them. I wonder if Sunny is still around...she hasn't commented in a while....Are you there Sunny???
This little quilt is called 'Celebrate' which is what we hope will be happening lots in 2009. Thanks Emma!!

Quilt Top Done!!

From this....
to this

in 24 hours.....I'm not showing the full top as it won't be a surprise any more then!! It is off to the quilters this week!

I cut all the fabric strips before we went away...and as there is nothing else to do on a cool, rainy, windy day....I did this. I enjoyed putting it together and it came together quite easily...only two small unpicks beacuse I put the top and bottom borders on the wrong ends! I hope this blog reader likes it!

13 Weeks

Slowly counting down the weeks....

I think I finally have some pregnancy symptoms....
All week I have been having headaches...I think it is from also not wearing my glasses as much as I do when I am at work...but when I was talking to my mum about them turns out that she had 8 months worth of headaches when pregnant with me and was living on 8 panadol at day!! I'm tring to to have panadol, but a nap and some water instead...might change when I go back to work and can't rest in the middle of the day!

Hubby is complaining that I am clingy, whingy and being a pain...but I'm allowed to be right?? He also thinks I'm being over critical of everything...especially his cooking...not my fault I can't stand chilli or too much garlic and he loves cooking with both!

I do wonder if it is too early but after 4 years of waiting I've been thinking about what we will need for the baby for a long time.
I'm hoping DH will take me shopping this weekend like he promised. My mum is …

Happy Birthday Darling!

My darling husband has finally caught up to me in age and is now as 'old' as I am!! We decided to go away for a long weekend to celebrate his birthday and most likely the last 'couple' holiday before bubs is born. So we headed north to Mt Quincan ...with a cyclone warning issued just hours before....Cyclone Charlotte was way north from where we were going but it was with caution that we decided to go.

We had to drop Jester and Nikita off at the kennels on the way...a real pain now that we have no family left here to babysit them for us....which also meant the dog had to get in the car, which I hate as he drools on the windows!!

We made it with no dramas and booked in for tea at Hubby favourite Swiss/Italian Restaurant. We lit a fire when we got back, not because it was cold but everything was so damp from all the was very strange having a fire in the middle of summer!!

We tried to hand feed this possum found living in the pot plant on the veranda, until it trie…

Stash Busting

These lovely pinks and purples from my stash are on their way to Kylie to help her make a quilt for a friends sick daughter who needs a lung transplant...poor thing...hopefully the quilt Kylie makes for her to take to hospital will cheer her up!

Quillow - started

I promised Mum a Quillow (Quilt that folds into a Pillow - for those that don't know) for Christmas...I finally started it today....I'm using 3 charm packs of Za Za fabric.
I was going to make a Disappearing 9-patch but it works out to be a bit too small for what I want....I have a jelly roll in the same fabric...but how to include it??? Huummmmm thinking thinking.....

12 Weeks - Ultrasound

My sister, Bee is visiting for a few days and I rang yesterday to see if they could change my appointment from next week to this week so she could come and see bubs on the screen....nope they said too full, all booked...she rang back today to say that 2 ladies had had their bubs early and left an opening for me to fit in at 3pm today we cut our shopping short...(don't worry we plan on going back tomorrow!!) and went to the Ob's office...

All good everything where is should be...the Ob printed DH the quick picture above and sis got a good look at the heart beating away...oh Wow she says...big head!! Thanks Sis it is supposed to be like that at this stage...anyway she was most excited and it has made her holiday...although my other sister is now extremely jealous...opps! Sorry Cee...will try and get an ultrasound when you visit too!!

'Russell' was measuring spot on for dates at 5.3cm, more than double the length in the 4 weeks since we last looked, with his/her…

12 Weeks - Yeah!!

One-third down two-thirds to go....and I hope they are as un-eventful, apart from a few headaches, as the last 12 weeks have been....I'm still enjoying my oranges...and last night I finally got a good nights sleep without waking up 6 times...not including the one at 4:45am to let the cat out! that happens every morning...

My little sister is here is visit for a week...and it has been fun looking at baby things for what she insists will be a girl...the local Pumpkin Patch are having a 50% off sale and boy is that stuff cute!!

I'm also happy to report that my Grandma will be getting not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4!! new Great-grandkids at about the same time! I have just found out that 3 of my cousins are also due to have their first bubs all within a month...My due date is the first by 3 days!

We are also about to purchase our first Modern Cloth Nappies....with a 25% off sale at one of the on-line nappies stores today only....This bub will always wear cloth nappies but the range out…