12 Weeks - Yeah!!

One-third down two-thirds to go....and I hope they are as un-eventful, apart from a few headaches, as the last 12 weeks have been....I'm still enjoying my oranges...and last night I finally got a good nights sleep without waking up 6 times...not including the one at 4:45am to let the cat out!...as that happens every morning...

My little sister is here is visit for a week...and it has been fun looking at baby things for what she insists will be a girl...the local Pumpkin Patch are having a 50% off sale and boy is that stuff cute!!

I'm also happy to report that my Grandma will be getting not 1 not 2 not 3 but 4!! new Great-grandkids at about the same time! I have just found out that 3 of my cousins are also due to have their first bubs all within a month...My due date is the first by 3 days!

We are also about to purchase our first Modern Cloth Nappies....with a 25% off sale at one of the on-line nappies stores today only....This bub will always wear cloth nappies but the range out there is unreal...so much to choose from.... DH will have to work hard to keep a lid on my new addiction!

We have a little over a week to wait til our next scan and first Ob appointment...Here is the 12 weeks belly shot! Again the daggy shorts sorry....just got back from a 80 minute walk!

Weight: 63.5kg


Kylie said…
Thank goodness! For a moment there I thought you were announcing quads! LOL. My bubs were cloth bummed too, although just boring terry squares. Be careful, I know many a cloth mum out there with a huge stash!
Cee said…
I think you should aim to have every "belly picture" taken wearing the daggy shorts!! He he!!

Wish I was up there too!! I'm planning a trip up (hopefully) in June. (the bf might come too so you would be the first to meet him!! :) ) I'll let you know!!

MWAH!!! xxoo

P.S. who is the third cousin?? I can only think of 2....???

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