13 Weeks

Slowly counting down the weeks....

I think I finally have some pregnancy symptoms....
All week I have been having headaches...I think it is from also not wearing my glasses as much as I do when I am at work...but when I was talking to my mum about them turns out that she had 8 months worth of headaches when pregnant with me and was living on 8 panadol at day!! I'm tring to to have panadol, but a nap and some water instead...might change when I go back to work and can't rest in the middle of the day!

Hubby is complaining that I am clingy, whingy and being a pain...but I'm allowed to be right?? He also thinks I'm being over critical of everything...especially his cooking...not my fault I can't stand chilli or too much garlic and he loves cooking with both!

I do wonder if it is too early but after 4 years of waiting I've been thinking about what we will need for the baby for a long time.
I'm hoping DH will take me shopping this weekend like he promised. My mum is buying us a rocking chair for the night feeds in the baby's room, but it is easier for us to go and pick it and save her sending or bring it up here.
My BIL is ordering the timber soon to build us a cot. I'm so stoked that he is doing that for us and know he will do an excellent job.
My sister was at Ikea this week and bought us a high chair, very early for that I know but it was highly recommended by my brother and as we don't have Ikea up here she offered to get one for us.
I've unpacked and cleaned off the shelves that are in the baby's room and they are ready to have things put on them....I'm on the look out for some large-ish storage boxes it sit on the bottom shelves....

Weight: 64kg - slowly putting some back on!


Austy's Mum said…
Congrats on reaching this milestone - it's a great feeling. And relatively symptom free at that! I wouldn't complain too much about the cooking (my DH will ONLY do BBQ and since we only got a BBQ for Christmas... well I do almost ALL of the cooking. However you'll be able to use the excuse of indigestion, heartburn etc. to stop him on the chilli and garlic - bland foods seem to be best during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Have fun looking at all the baby stuff. And you can get good storage boxes at Ikea too.

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