12 Weeks - Ultrasound

My sister, Bee is visiting for a few days and I rang yesterday to see if they could change my appointment from next week to this week so she could come and see bubs on the screen....nope they said too full, all booked...she rang back today to say that 2 ladies had had their bubs early and left an opening for me to fit in today....so at 3pm today we cut our shopping short...(don't worry we plan on going back tomorrow!!) and went to the Ob's office...

All good everything where is should be...the Ob printed DH the quick picture above and sis got a good look at the heart beating away...oh Wow she says...big head!! Thanks Sis it is supposed to be like that at this stage...anyway she was most excited and it has made her holiday...although my other sister is now extremely jealous...opps! Sorry Cee...will try and get an ultrasound when you visit too!!

'Russell' was measuring spot on for dates at 5.3cm, more than double the length in the 4 weeks since we last looked, with his/her knees pushed up against the edge of the sack. The little heart was beating away on the screen. We have decided not to have the Nuchal Translucency Test for Downs Syndrome, because of my age the risk will be low anyway and even if it did test high I wouldn't have the Aminocentesis to check. And termination isn't an option either, we are happy to have what life has given us and we will deal with everything else as it happens.

I will however have to have a blood test tomorrow to test for routine things, iron Rubella immunity, blood group etc...yeah another needle...this one I won't mind so much! As we left we were given a stack of things to read...Keeping the cord blood, hiring a baby capsule from the Ambulance, learning baby massage, massage for me and antenatal hydrotherapy.

The last one is something I hadn't thought of and will look into it further I think...exercise and stretching in water...sounds good!


Cee said…
Absolutley I'm jealous!!!

But as long as I get to see you with a big fat belly and puffy ankles, I'll be happy!! :)

Love you!!! xxoo
Helen said…
AJ, Milly had a big head too, but I didn't find out till 34 weeks! LOL She takes the same size hat as Gracie now. :)
Corrie said…
yipyipee!AJ that is the best news!cogratulations, you deserve it!!!!!


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