15 Weeks

I survived a full day at work with the kids and being pregnant! An interesting mix of kids this year who already look to keep me on my toes! Well at least for 6 months...not that I am ready counting!!

I missed my daily 2pm nap today so am feeling rather tired tonight...and I was extra hungry today so an early dinner and off to bed I think.

I've had a few headaches and leg cramps this week....not enough water I fear...and I'm trying so hard, I just can't seem to drink enough! (also the night time toilet trips are trying to be avoided) I also think the headaches are from the way I have been sleeping and I've put my neck out somehow...hopefully a trip to the acupuncturist on Thursday will help with the headaches...and plus I'd like to go see him and thank him for his help....I felt much calmer and relaxed for that last cycle

DH piked on the shopping trip I had planned for last weekend so he has promised we will go this week and get a rocker for me and one for bub! I already have them picked out...just need DH's approval!

Weight: 64.5kg
Belly Measurement: 89cms


Kylie said…
Try calcium tablets for the leg cramps. I use to get crippling ones in the morning with Luke - would wake up screaming - scared the hell out of DH! Anyway, my ob put me on a calcium tablet just before I went to bed and I never had another one! When I had my first cramp with Kira, out came the calcium and once again there was no problem! Ob said it was suppose to be a bit of an old wives tale, but it seemed to work so he was happy to suggest it!
Felicity said…
Congratulations on your pregnancy. Its been a while since I have been blog surfing. Well done. xxx From another IVF mum :)

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