14 Weeks

I think my belly has popped in the last week...Well it looks it from the angle that I see!! What do you think?? I haven't gained any more weight so not sure where the belly is coming from! It does look big in this dress... I'll get DH to take some more this arvo when he gets home....maybe in those daggy shorts again!! I went shopping for some new work clothes yesterday....found a few nice things that I can wear for a few more months yet and I also got 2 pairs of maternity pants...most of the maternity stuff I saw was yuck!!

We had a bit of a scare this week too....A little bleeding saw me heading to the clinic to get checked out....a quick ultrasound later, with a beautiful beating heart and reassurances from the doc, stopped me from worrying all weekend.

I had some good mail this week....nappies!! Soooooo soft! I can't wait to put them on bubs....but while I'm waiting and still on holidays with time to do it, I unpacked the chest at the bottom of my bed in which I had been putting baby stuff for the last 4 years...there is not alot in there really but it is now on the shelves in bub's room. I'm hoping people will give us cloths after bubs is born in the appropriate gender...cause all the unisex stuff I saw for newborns was boring or yuck! I didn't want to waste money getting both so it looks like who ever is here when bubs is born is going shopping for me!

Weight: 64kg


Natalie said…
Awww your little tummy is just gorgeous! I love the itti's you have, they are my fav going out nappy for miss C. I agree with you on the lack of nice maternity clothes. I bought most of mine from pumpkin patch and then just ended up buying stretchy stuff in bigger sizes
Bee said…
so cute sissy!!!! Nice choice of colours on the nappies too hey?!?! Talk soon, Love Bee xoxo
Bec Clarke said…
That is such a nice belly shot. So glad that things are going well still.
Aren't the Itti Bitt D'lish just wonderful, I have a stack of them.
Car said…
Is that a Cow Nappy I spy there??? Yummy colours ~ I'm in nappy envy (I really should put K back in cloth!!!)

Lovely cute bump you have there. Target sometimes has some good maternity stuff, but I cheated and bought some long stretchy shirts from Colarado that did me the full pregnancy!!!
Emma said…
That defiitely looks like pop to me! Splurge on a nice pair of maternity jeans from a fancy maternity shop; I had some I wasn't keen on first time, but had some I loved second time, and get every last cent of value from them. I agree on the long stretchy tops. Emphasis on the LONG - otherwise your belly will eventually poke through the gap between pants and top - and you will do something silly, like burn it ;)
Congratulations AJ, I'm so sorry I havent commented before this. You look lovely and yes I would certainly say you have POPPED! It's all out from here..... Love all your little things all unpacked ready and waiting.
Cascade Lily said…
Nice tummy! I feel slightly less bad about the blurt on FB now :)

I second Emma - get some nice jeans. Apparently Jeans West do some good ones these days too.

And don't worry - you'll receive HEAPS of clothes once he/she is born :)
Helen said…
I was scrolling down thinking, ohhh nice bumb, nice dress, super cute nappies than Ekkkkkk! Whats that RR quilt lovingly quilted doing on the floor????????!
cas said…
Wow i agree, looks like you have popped, how does it feel? I cant wait to feel like i look pregnant!! Lol

Take care,

CasCas xoxo

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