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{Dinosaur Shorts} Sewing for the boy

All little boys go through it at one stage don't they? I'm talking about Dinosaurs! Aden is currently right into them and when we went to Spotlight to pick up some red thread to finish the buttonholes om his new Pj's he found some dinosaur fabric and promplty asked for some shorts...and some for cousin Bailey too!

They are perfect for a bit of rock moving in the backyard!
He asked if he could wear them to bed tonight so I guess that he likes them!

Finished WIP's for August

Only a few days left of many WIPs are you up to?? and More importantly how many more have you started??

{Bee Blocks} Bec and Mands

I'm running really really late with Bec's blocks. I wanted to do a Pineapple' block for her request for Log Cabin variations but decided I didn't have enough colour contrast with the fabrics and not enough patience to have another try at paper piecing (I have tried before....and well ...I'm not doing that again!)

Instead I went with 'Court house steps'. One  in blues and one in greens both with red centres. Hopefully they will work well in Bec's quilt.
And these blocks are early....just! Mands is making a sweet pink quilt for her eldest daughter, with this whirly-gig block. I'm loving the subtle pink dot on the background fabric as opposted to a plain white.

These blocks will look super sweet once they are all home again.

{Bee Block} Robot Squares

These bright Robot blocks for a quilt for Joy's son were the next thing on the list....well the are technically the blocks for this month but I am a few blocks behind. I'm set to catch up this weekend!

You really had to think about the placement of the fabrics, which was just the right amount of challenge for a simple block.

These patterns arrived in the mail a few weeks ago and I'm keen to try out the long Pajamas for Aden before the weather warms up too much! 

{Not quilting} Drawstring bags

I've made these drawstring bags fact these were started way back then too...but in true AJ style they were left half done!

I always seem to over estimate the length of fabric needed for the drawstring...

In a bid to contiune to clear some of the 'half done' stuff and select piles of fabrics saved for special projects, I also made the pillow case to match Aden's 'Cat in the Hat' quilt he uses for DayCare.

Declared 'perfect' by Aden and already well loved.

{OMG} WIP Finish - Soiree Coin Quilt

Now when I mentioned in my on line quilting group that I was actually sandwiching a WIP I had one lady fall off her sewing you have been warned! The following photos are of a real quilt...that I finished.

The quilt top only took 24hrs to bring in June 2009, but 4 years to sandwich and quilt! OPPS!!

You can see more of the backing in this post. Where I also made a matching doll quilt with the leftover fabrics.

Sweet Alyssa is now enjoying this quilt as I delivered it to her on the weekend for her first birthday.

There were only 3 finishes in July for the WIP challenge....I hope there are a few more this month and my 4 year-old quilt top is enough inspiration for you!

{3rd Birthday} Octonauts party

It has been a week two weeks since Aden's Octonauts party and I think I have recovered enough to post about it. Special thanks to my sister for gabbing my camera and my MIL and SIL for their cameras, as I didn't take any all day!

Aden is a massive Octonauts fan! So when he didn't go for my initial plan of a 'Monsters' Party ( too scary Mummy!) we decided on Octonauts.

I did a lot of Internet searching and looking at a lot of Pintrest posts to gather all my ideas together.
There was lots of party food including Octonaut Cupcakes.
And a Kwazii cake as requested by the birthday boy!

We also had yellow/green/blue jelly cups with turtles in them and smarties cookies. As well as regular party food and hot finger food for the adults.

We had balloons, a birthday banner and streamers.

The oldest child at the party was 4 so there was no one to show them what to do with party games, so we had lots of outside toys and I made some play dough, which all the kids had fun wit…