{Bee Blocks} Bec and Mands

I'm running really really late with Bec's blocks. I wanted to do a Pineapple' block for her request for Log Cabin variations but decided I didn't have enough colour contrast with the fabrics and not enough patience to have another try at paper piecing (I have tried before....and well ...I'm not doing that again!)

Instead I went with 'Court house steps'. One  in blues and one in greens both with red centres. Hopefully they will work well in Bec's quilt.

And these blocks are early....just! Mands is making a sweet pink quilt for her eldest daughter, with this whirly-gig block. I'm loving the subtle pink dot on the background fabric as opposted to a plain white.

Trimmed in photo edit not real life Mands
These blocks will look super sweet once they are all home again.



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