{OMG} WIP Finish - Soiree Coin Quilt

Now when I mentioned in my on line quilting group that I was actually sandwiching a WIP I had one lady fall off her sewing stool...so you have been warned! The following photos are of a real quilt...that I finished.

The quilt top only took 24hrs to bring together....here in June 2009, but 4 years to sandwich and quilt! OPPS!!


You can see more of the backing in this post. Where I also made a matching doll quilt with the leftover fabrics.


Sweet Alyssa is now enjoying this quilt as I delivered it to her on the weekend for her first birthday.



There were only 3 finishes in July for the WIP challenge....I hope there are a few more this month and my 4 year-old quilt top is enough inspiration for you!


Helen said…
Looks awesome! Well done for finishing.

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