{3rd Birthday} Octonauts party

It has been a week two weeks since Aden's Octonauts party and I think I have recovered enough to post about it. Special thanks to my sister for gabbing my camera and my MIL and SIL for their cameras, as I didn't take any all day!

Aden is a massive Octonauts fan! So when he didn't go for my initial plan of a 'Monsters' Party ( too scary Mummy!) we decided on Octonauts.

I did a lot of Internet searching and looking at a lot of Pintrest posts to gather all my ideas together.
There was lots of party food including Octonaut Cupcakes.
Cake toppers from Ebay

And a Kwazii cake as requested by the birthday boy!

I totally forgot to put on the Octopus I had for his hat!!
We also had yellow/green/blue jelly cups with turtles in them and smarties cookies. As well as regular party food and hot finger food for the adults.

Mummy wiping Aden's face before having cake photos!

We had balloons, a birthday banner and streamers.

The oldest child at the party was 4 so there was no one to show them what to do with party games, so we had lots of outside toys and I made some play dough, which all the kids had fun with.

We also made a Kwazii 'Spy Glass'

Annaleisa was the oldest at the party and right into all the activities!

I had planned on 'Pin the eye patch on Kwazii'. I had only painted it that morning before the party and put it to dry on the washing machine...which is where it sat all party! Opps! But here is a pic anyway.

Aden helped paint the background.

The party hats were handmade 'Captian Barnacles' inspired ....Aden refused to wear his, but he had been wearing my practise one the whole week before the party!

And of course there was presents! Lots of Octonauts....puzzles, clothes, Gup A, Shellington, Tweak, alarm clock and an umbrella

A new keyboard - Thanks Nana


More Dinosaurs...Aden's new love!

Play shop and trolley
And of course no party guest went home empty handed...or the birthday boy for that matter!!
Peso Medical Bags

Happy 3rd Birthday Aden!!


Helen said…
Looks like an awesome party AJ! Well done on all that behind the scenes work! Happy 3rd birthday Aden!!
LittleWhiteDove said…
Coolest. party. ever.
Juni said…
You are my hero AJ! I followed your cake idea and used it for my little boy's birthday party - see piccie here: http://juniberry.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/the-little-guy-is-4-octonauts-party.html
Anonymous said…
Are you able to send/post a template for the party hat?
Anonymous said…
Do you have the hat template?
AJ said…
The hat was just blue cardboard. I measured a about 5 cms along the length of the poster size cardboard and then in the middle I traced the edge of the plate to get a round shape, curved it back the other way to join to the 5 cm marked edge. I used a niko (premenant marker) to add the blue stripe down the centre and the found the Octo symbol on the net and printed them out and glued them on. On the party day I measured each guests head as the arrived and used a stapler to hold it together.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Aimee said…
Just wanted to say that I have recently featured this page on the site. I've used one of the images which has the pretty cake and the adorable muffins. You can see it at http://www.underseaheroes.com/octonauts-muffins

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