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I'm Back!!

It was nice to spend a few days away...but I was having serious DH, pets, quilting and computer withdrawals...not necessarily in that order!!

This photo is the fantastic storm that rolled in while we were walking around we got stuck in a pub for a few hours...bummer (!!) and then had a nice dinner next door!

With DH away next week and me NOT spending any money while I was away...I have almost convinced him that we can afford for me to buy some fabric next I'm off to browse the shops!

Also look what was waiting for me when I got home...DH had laid a long stemed red rose on my pillow and these beautiful blooms on the dining room table...DH said he asked the florist for bright flowers cause he had to throw my birthday ones out while I was away...what a sweetie!!

More new books

SIL gave me these tonight ....late for my birthday but look how yummy they are!!! I've already picked the first few recipes I'd like to try....

Red Raggedy Edges Quilt - Finished

I finished the binding on this quilt tonight...raggedy edge quilts don't normally have binding but the two I've done I have put binding on...makes the quilt seem more finished to me...... and I like binding quilts
I love the back as much as I love the front.....there are 576 4" red squares in this quilt....thanks to my lovely Friends who sent me squares to help me out!!

New books!

I love reading and was often in trouble as a kid for reading when I supossed to be doing other things including sleeping or eating dinner!! So for my birthday DH took me book I just have to find the time to read them!!


How lucky am I!!!

Words can not say how wonderful it is to have a friend like Helen...not only is she wonderfully talented and artistic, but a beautiful person who brings joy into my life! I love getting emails and updates on her wonderful family and beautiful quilting, through her blog and our weekly chats on the computer. It is amazing how kind and generous Helen is to me and yet I have never met her! Hopefully one day we can meet in real life cause I know she will be exactly how I picture her! I am truly grateful for the growing friendship we have (even though she kicks my butt at Scrabble!) and hope it will continue for a long time yet.

This wonderful woman has sent me these things for my birthday!

Wall Hanging..image 'stolen' (hehehe) from my blog I'm guessing...and turned into a wonderful piece of art. know..but it has to be art when it is done this well!! The quilting on this is wonderfully tiny and delicate!

Others things also from Helen...a bag pattern, …

Happy Birthday to....


Thanks to all my wonderful friends and family who have wished me a great wasnt to bad execpt for the fact that I had to work and even then the kids weren't too bad! Thanks Ange for the picture!!

How appropriate that yesterday I was posting all those birthday photos...

Flashback Friday...handmade

Opps...late I know...This one had me stummped for awhile...

I have lots of handmade things but the idea could be anything...and there is nothing more handmade than a birthday cake....every year up until our ninth birthday Mum made a cake, of our choosing, out of the 'Women's Day Brithday Cake' book, ( a traditon I hope to carry on for my own kids!) Mum's old recipe book has the names and birthday that each cake was used for...and I don't think there is one repeat...not bad for 4 kids!!

So anyway here are some of my earlier cakes from my birthday parties...

Hickory Dickory Dock....My 1st Brithday...1981I'm the one in the middle in the white

Miss Piggy...My 2nd Birthday...1982I'm in green this time...looks handmade to me...and back in fashion??

Dolly Varden Cake...(I think that is what they are called??)..My 3rd Birthday....1983Nope that is not me in front of the cakeI'm at the very front left

Twin baby dolls...My 4th Birthday...1984...

Swimming Pool...My 5th Br…

Mystery Quilts...

I've been intrigued by 'Mystery Quilts' for a while now...I like the idea of not knowing what it is you will end up with...but have never been game enough to start one with out waiting for the final reveal case I don't like it! Strange I know!! But last night it got me thinking....and designing...I sayed up to 1am drawing and designing quilts....My grand idea now is I write instructions for my own mystery quilt...I wonder if any of the EB girls are willing to give it a try....????

It will have a feature fabric (light) that you can fussy cut the centre squares for and then 3 (2 x medium, 1 dark) contrasting fabrics....that makes interlocking blocks, that form a pattern....I have done two has more feature fabric squares and appears on point and the other one is more square..both have a feature fabric border to finish them off....and then binding in one of the medium fabrics....

I'm going to make the quilt for a friend's baby due in February...…

Beach, Bathrust and BBQ's

What a great way to spend the last day of freedom...oh alright the last day of the holidays's back to work tomorrow...bummer!!!!

Black...........????...... ...Black!!

After Emma suggested it I thought more about using black as the sashings....I'm so glad I did...THANKS EMMA!!!... so now I have another quilt top done to add to the list to be quilted...will have to find some more wadding on special somewhere!

My favourite cute are those puppies!

Not another new quilt I hear you say...

Nope not a new one...just one I've been working on for a while but never blogged...It is finally moving on in it's stages of construction.....there are still a few more to go yet...

This, made up Celtic type pattern, is just one small piece of the bottom of the quilt...I'm trying something new..I'm not using 100% cotton...but a satin fabric...which happened to be the table runners my mum made for our some recycling and a new challenge...I love it!!!

and of course my obliging cat!!

Dog washing day!


It's new home...

Arrived safe and faded it looks though...??

I Spy??

I've never really been a big fan of 'I spy' quilts...not sure why really just 'too' random or busy for my liking...but after yesterdays quiting disaster...My first ever!!!.... I decided to use the charm squares I bought when I first started quilting, from Logan's Patchwork, I think it was. I was never sure quite what to do with them but here they are....using the simple Disappearing 9-patch pattern...squares sewn together....
cut up....too busy!
...I think I will put yellow sashings around the sqaures...??