New books!

I love reading and was often in trouble as a kid for reading when I supossed to be doing other things including sleeping or eating dinner!! So for my birthday DH took me book I just have to find the time to read them!!


Emma said…
You'll love Marley & Me! How could you go wrong with a book about a labrador and young family?
Helen said…
Harvesting the Heart, whats that one about? trying to think if I have read it, I love Jodi Picout's work.
Cass said…
I've read the Jodi Picout one I think. Looked at the Jamie one today and it looked good - have fun
ingrid said…
Oh I love a pile of fresh books just waiting to be read! Enjoy :-)
Shannon said…

I am with you! I love reading and can get lost for hours in a good book. DH is forever pulling me out of book shops.

Enjoy your books and the journey they will take you on!


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