How lucky am I!!!

Words can not say how wonderful it is to have a friend like Helen...not only is she wonderfully talented and artistic, but a beautiful person who brings joy into my life! I love getting emails and updates on her wonderful family and beautiful quilting, through her blog and our weekly chats on the computer. It is amazing how kind and generous Helen is to me and yet I have never met her! Hopefully one day we can meet in real life cause I know she will be exactly how I picture her! I am truly grateful for the growing friendship we have (even though she kicks my butt at Scrabble!) and hope it will continue for a long time yet.

This wonderful woman has sent me these things for my birthday!

Wall Hanging..image 'stolen' (hehehe) from my blog I'm guessing...and turned into a wonderful piece of art. know..but it has to be art when it is done this well!! The quilting on this is wonderfully tiny and delicate!

Others things also from Helen...a bag pattern, quilting tape, fabric (of course!!), and some lovely cat panels...which I already have plans for...a little quilt for Nikita so she stops putting hair all over the arm of my couch!

and this also came with it...a very beautiful drawing by Grace...with her artistic genes shinning through.... the caption reads
'Grace's version of "Mummy sewing with her friend on the computer!" Oct. 2007'

Emma sent me some red squares for my Raggedy Edges Quilt...Thank you sooo much Emma this will be enough to finish it off...something I hope to get done today!

and delivered to work yesterday some lovely flowers from my guilty SIL and her husband (she forgot what day it was!)

I also got some photo frames from my cousin, a beautiful jewellry box from a friend and a Spotlight voucher from DH's Nana as well as some lovely all in all very spoilt...


Helen said…
AJ! I am so glad it arrived safely, I was starting to get worried, posted it early to try and arrive on the day, it was part of my 12 inch shallenge block too with the star theme, Andy Wrahol, AJ, pop star, quilting star!
Cascade Lily said…
Congratulations and yes you are lucky!
Natalie said…
You are very lucky to have such amazing friends AJ! The wall hanging in just fantastic.

Sounds like you had a great day and did get spoilt :)
Anonymous said…
Lovely presents, AJ, Helen sure went to a lot of trouble with the quilting.
You have been spoilt with all your pressies and so we all should.
atet said…
Happy belated b-day. Getting spoiled on that day isn't spoiled -- it's loved! What fabulous presents, enjoy!
A belated Happy birthday and thanks for the visit.
I saw your quilt when helen was showing snippets a while back-thought it was an inspired idea, lucky you! Tracey

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