Black...........????...... ...Black!!

After Emma suggested it I thought more about using black as the sashings....I'm so glad I did...THANKS EMMA!!!... so now I have another quilt top done to add to the list to be quilted...will have to find some more wadding on special somewhere!

My favourite cute are those puppies!


Anonymous said…
Oh it's so so so cute.
Love the black, makes it look like little windows to look through.
"How much is that doggy in the window?"
Ok I'll stop singing now.
Emma said…
You're welcome! My favourite is the frog (of course!).
Austy's Mum said…
Oh yes! The black is PERFECT! I love it all, great job!
ingrid said…
Oh I like the black too, and it's something I would have never thought of doing, but it really looks great.
And just to give you a break from all the quilting, check my blog, you've been tagged!
Helen said…
It looks great AJ! Black works well! Ingrid beat me to tagging you.
Lily said…
Ooh Emma's idea was great - it looks FAB AJ! Looks like windows :)
The black really set off the colours in the quilt :) It looks so cute! well done .
atet said…
That quilt top is adorable -- and the black really makes all those colors pop!

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