Red Raggedy Edges Quilt - Finished

I finished the binding on this quilt tonight...raggedy edge quilts don't normally have binding but the two I've done I have put binding on...makes the quilt seem more finished to me...... and I like binding quilts
I love the back as much as I love the front.....there are 576 4" red squares in this quilt....thanks to my lovely Friends who sent me squares to help me out!!


Helen said…
Quilt looks fantastic AJ! You almost blend into it with that red top on. Never thought about binding a raggedy edge, think for the next one I will. :)
Anonymous said…
OMG how many squares?
Looks fantastic. Are you sick of red squares now?
lanalarn said…
Looks like it passed the cat inspection test. Always feels good to finish something.
The Humming Cat said…
I love it! Have you snipped the edges? I would love to see a close up!
Emma said…
Looks great; I'd like to see a close-up, too! Are those black cats I spy on some of the squares? How appropriate! What's this one for? Might be nice to snuggle under on the sofa (in a tropical summer?!).
AJ said…
sorry girls no colse ups...already gone to it's new home...will visit it at chirstmas time so will get a close up then

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