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Finished WIP's for March

3 months in and still going strong....yes??

Mug Rug Swap

I never really 'got' Mug Rugs...not sure I'd have any use for them....but when my quilting friends suggested a Mug Rug swap I couldn't help myself and joined in anyway!

Here is the MR that I made for Leah over at Puggle Logic

I wish I'd done a few more of the diagonal quilting lines across to give it a bit more time!

I used this tutorial from Sew Fantastic. Super easy to do and I liked her multi-coloured binding but I already had a bit of purple leftover from another quilt and so used that.

I hope Leah is able to use her Mug Rug even if it is a tad too big for just a coffee cup!

And I need to show you the Mug Rug I received from Car at Carrose Creations. I took it to school with me on Friday to use on my desk to stop the condensation from my waterbottle wrecking all my papers...and trust me there is a lot of papers!

Just keepn' it real....this is always what my desk looks like after 3 days of saying to 24 kids...'Just put it on my desk…

I Spy....

with my little eye a cute little boy who gave his mummy quite a fright last week.

One of Aden's new favourite things is to 'help' in the kitchen. I'm quite happy to have him there as he stands on a chair and natters away and asks a billion questions...
 'Can I stir?'
'What's that?'
 'Can I have a taste?'
 'What are you doing now Mum?'
 'Can I use the knife?'
 'Watch your fingers Mummy'
 'Is that hot?'
 'Can I touch it?'
'Can I eat the butter Mum?'
'Can I stir it now'

I do love my little helper!

On Wednesday night he decided to pull into the kitchen the chair that has his booster seat attached to it. He has done this before and despite me telling him to put it back and get a different chair I wasn't too worried as like I said he has successfully stood up on it before, although it is not as stable as a chair without the booster seat!

He then decided that he wanted to 'wash-up&…

EB Bee Block for March

Adds picked a lovely simple block this month called 'Granny Squares'. The tutorial for it is here on Blue Elephant Stitches. I loved making this block and it took just under 2 hours to trim the fabrics and piece 2 blocks.

You may notice the small snip to one of the white squares at the top...opps the 'quick snips' pictured to the right a a might quick for me! lol They came from hubby's 'sewing kit' that he used while in the forces....after more than 12 years they are still very sharp...although I don't think they got that much use!
Anyway I decided not to unpick and replace that white square as it will be chopped off when the block is trimmed anyway....hope that is Ok Adds!

Thanks for a great block Adds looking forward to seeing all the blocks together!

Just to show my linen fabric joins.....perfect!

Cuddles for Spot!

I remember now why I don't like making a quilt out of a panel...deciding what to quilt on the panel is always a problem for me. My skills don't match my I just go basic and then don't like it very much!

There is a loopy stipple in white thread on the white in the centre of this quilt. The the 'piano keys' border is just 'ditched'

It was going to be for a teaching friends new little boy but I didn't notice the American 'incorrect' spelling til I went to sandwich it and I just can't give it to a teacher!

So this little cuddle quilt will be going to the Easter raffle for Aden's day care.

It would make a nice little blanket for Day Care

or it is also nice for a bit of rainy day cartoons!

Not sure why the pictures are so blurry and I've already given it to Day Care so I can't take anymore...sorry

Stash busting in pink!

These cute quilt blocks were all made for the stash! I have great plans for them!

Weathervane Block (most approprite with all the rain around!) form Don't Call me Betsy's tutorial

Garden Fence Block by Hyacinth designs tutorial
My new favourite block!

Cupcake Saturday!

It seems that Saturday mornings at home mean cupcakes to Aden. Not the best for Daddy who is asleep up stairs from a night shift....I try and stall him til I hear the alarm go off and then we get mixing!

Aden chose blue to be today's colour.

Can you tell it is nearly sleep time...look at those eyes!