I Spy....

with my little eye a cute little boy who gave his mummy quite a fright last week.

One of Aden's new favourite things is to 'help' in the kitchen. I'm quite happy to have him there as he stands on a chair and natters away and asks a billion questions...
 'Can I stir?'
'What's that?'
 'Can I have a taste?'
 'What are you doing now Mum?'
 'Can I use the knife?'
 'Watch your fingers Mummy'
 'Is that hot?'
 'Can I touch it?'
'Can I eat the butter Mum?'
'Can I stir it now'

I do love my little helper!

On Wednesday night he decided to pull into the kitchen the chair that has his booster seat attached to it. He has done this before and despite me telling him to put it back and get a different chair I wasn't too worried as like I said he has successfully stood up on it before, although it is not as stable as a chair without the booster seat!

He then decided that he wanted to 'wash-up' (ie play in the water in the sink) while I was chopping the vegetables. Being the boy/monkey/climber/2-year-old that he is he climbed up to sit on the bench to reach the water better. I told him to get down and he did (to his credit) listen and start to climb down.
I glanced around behind me to see how he was going and watched as he got his legs tangled up while trying to turn around on the chair. He hit the back if his head on the tiled floor.
I dropped the knife and scooped him up straight away to make sure he was alright.

He, of course, cried for a while and refused any ice, as he always does. There was no big egg like I was expecting, as the bump was quite hard and there was barely even a red mark.

But after 45mins of sooking and resting on the couch, refusing dinner, almost rocking himself to sleep in the rocking chair and wanting to be held while I tried to eat my dinner we knew he wasn't very well.

He asked for more cuddles, so I sat in the rocking chair with him....30 seconds later he power spewed all over us both (and a quilt, we now have a 'spew' blanket Aunty Cee) ...twice!

We both showered and put him to bed, where he fell asleep in seconds, cleaned up the floor and padded rocking chair (Thanks Hubby!!) and kept checking on him til we went to bed.

It wasn't til the morning, after I had lay awake most of the night worrying about him, that I connected the head knock and the vomiting to be a possible concussion.

He was fine the next day and woke up telling me 'My tummy feels great Mummy!'

This was a few nights later...still very attached to his 'Kwazii Spy Glass'


Carmel Morris said…
That must have given you such a fright. Glad to hear he's all okay now.
Cee said…
At least it is not a "pink milk" spew blanket!!!
Caitlin said…
What a cute little munchkin. Glad he's OK. He's sleeping paraphanalia is hysterical!

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