Cuddles for Spot!

I remember now why I don't like making a quilt out of a panel...deciding what to quilt on the panel is always a problem for me. My skills don't match my I just go basic and then don't like it very much!

There is a loopy stipple in white thread on the white in the centre of this quilt. The the 'piano keys' border is just 'ditched'

It was going to be for a teaching friends new little boy but I didn't notice the American 'incorrect' spelling til I went to sandwich it and I just can't give it to a teacher!

So this little cuddle quilt will be going to the Easter raffle for Aden's day care.

It would make a nice little blanket for Day Care

or it is also nice for a bit of rainy day cartoons!

Not sure why the pictures are so blurry and I've already given it to Day Care so I can't take anymore...sorry


Anonymous said…
It looks great sis... but our little man is sooo much cuter!! BB xoxox
Louise Murphy said…
Hi there,

Love the quilt and your son looks so comfortable.
We share heaps of similarities. I too am a Libra, have a passion for quilting, patchwork, stitching of any kind and now I am getting into card making and scrapbiiking. Oh plus my husband owned his own transport agencey in the UK (we're now in NZ West coast) and his qualified diesel mechanic. Love your dads trucks.
Have a great day and please keep showing your great creations. I am soon to post something with pictures - honest.

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