EB Bee Block for March

Adds picked a lovely simple block this month called 'Granny Squares'. The tutorial for it is here on Blue Elephant Stitches. I loved making this block and it took just under 2 hours to trim the fabrics and piece 2 blocks.

You may notice the small snip to one of the white squares at the top...opps the 'quick snips' pictured to the right a a might quick for me! lol They came from hubby's 'sewing kit' that he used while in the forces....after more than 12 years they are still very sharp...although I don't think they got that much use!
Anyway I decided not to unpick and replace that white square as it will be chopped off when the block is trimmed anyway....hope that is Ok Adds!

Thanks for a great block Adds looking forward to seeing all the blocks together!

Just to show my linen fabric joins.....perfect!


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