Mug Rug Swap

I never really 'got' Mug Rugs...not sure I'd have any use for them....but when my quilting friends suggested a Mug Rug swap I couldn't help myself and joined in anyway!

Here is the MR that I made for Leah over at Puggle Logic

I wish I'd done a few more of the diagonal quilting lines across to give it a bit more time!

I used this tutorial from Sew Fantastic. Super easy to do and I liked her multi-coloured binding but I already had a bit of purple leftover from another quilt and so used that.

I hope Leah is able to use her Mug Rug even if it is a tad too big for just a coffee cup!

And I need to show you the Mug Rug I received from Car at Carrose Creations. I took it to school with me on Friday to use on my desk to stop the condensation from my waterbottle wrecking all my papers...and trust me there is a lot of papers!

Just keepn' it real....this is always what my desk looks like after 3 days of saying to 24 kids...'Just put it on my desk' Plus it is nearing Parent Interview time and end-of-term so there is a lot more paperwork and testing and notes on top of the usual stuff.

It matches really well in my 'Safe and happy' classroom. The little maverick star in the centre is very cute.

She also did a great job of some FMQ on the white around the star. Thanks Car it will get lots of use at school.


Kylie said…
I didn't sign up for the mug rug swap 'cause I had no idea what it was! Now I wish I had! BTW, my desk always looked like that too when I was teaching! Shows you spend time with the kids, not at your desk!
Both mug rugs are fabulous. Get yourself on "IN" box, it helps with the clutter and it helps you get more done when you are at your desk too. Helps make you feel less stressed when it is organized too.

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