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Border Dilemma...please help!

I am absolutely delighted to have all the Noah Blocks together!! One step closer to finishing the quilt! But here is the problem...choosing a fabric from your stash causes problems!!! The pattern calls for another border of the scallops with the stripes underneath, like the inner border....I think I only just have enough material to do this...or I have enough of the dark purple fabric to make a small 2 inch border around the quilt....I'm trying not to let the quilt get too big...I have to quit it after all and I want it small enough to go on Alannah's wall....

so here are the options...
1. Follow the pattern...make a purple/stripes scalloped border with a wider green spot border and bind it in a different purple or stripes or green spots
2. Small purple border...wider/same size stripe border...with green spot binding
3. Small purple border...wider green spot border...with stripe binding
4. Non of the same purple...just the stripes and green spot borders.. and find a different but s…

19 Weeks + 2 days

Oh My...I am sooo in love!! I think these scan images speak for themselves....

A little smile

The monkey hand on head...other under chin

Heart pumping in the chest...currently as big as your fingernail!!! Spine running underneath...right hand side of pic it bubs chin
Tracking the heart rate...162 bpm facing in towards it...Anterior.... on the front of my uterus...rather than the back...making kicks/punches hard to feel
Umbilical Cord entering the stomach...we watched the blood being pumped through it....way cool! The other bit there is a leg
Dh's favourite...skull can see the lenses in the eyes!!
Lips and nose...elbows up near face...arrow pointing to top lip
Forearms...with clenched a boxers stance..up in front of the face
Feet...left and right...count the toes on the left!
Hand on chest...arrows pointing to the 5 fingers
Hands and arms under the face....great photo of the fingers...are they long enough for you Bee?!?!?

19 Weeks

I wonder which one ours will be!!

Not much to share this week....3D scan booked for Thursday so only 2 more sleeps to wait and then we can have another peek at Russell. I've recovered from last weeks extra tiredness and cleaned the house (with DH's help) from top to bottom over the weekend...but also got some early nights so feeling rather good at the moment. There is still some disrupted sleep with rolling over....or rather trying to and it cam sometimes take a bit to find a comfortable position that isn't on my back (how I normally sleep) or right side...doesn't leave you with many options!

My 'heartburn' is becoming more frequent...not painful or bad just noticeable...

I know it hasn't been the two weeks that I normally wait between belly photos but this shirt is my favourite at the moment...shows great pregnancy cleavage!! and is sooo comfortable...If any one see another one in their local Target...can you get it for me...size 12...Any colour...I wear thi…

Quilt Progress

This is the start of my third commissioned quilt! This one is for Samuel...Lots and lots of cutting out but it will hopefully come together quickly! Just need to get some Sponge Bob Square Pants material for the SB marked squares in the pattern and also cut some white for around the stars and border...after a blade change!!
First cut into stripes and then tiny 2 inch squares! (Taken late at night one day last week)
There is more than enough sqaures here for this quilt but I wanted to have a nice variety of I've already got some plans for the left over bits!!

I'm up to sandwiching and backing the other two quilts...just waiting to see if Foz has a boy or a girl so I can back one of them in the 'right' colour! I have a georgous puprle I want to use but it won't work if bub is a boy! The other I was going to do in a unisex lovely bright green that I have! I need to start thinking about the quilting for both of them...if it should be the same or not....

18 Weeks

Presents this week!!
All of these little onesies and rompers come from the generous Joy...My favourites are the two on the left in the second picture

A mix of boys and girls clothes from favourite is the crocodile shirt!
From Bernadette

A very tiring week...getting into a new routine at work...left me absolutely exhausted...

This week we have booked Antenatal Classes starting the 26th of May, book our 3D Ultrasound for the 26th of February (less than 2 weeks away!! and still no closer to agreeing to find out or not!!) and dropped off my pre-admission forms to the hospital where I can have a hospital tour at 30 weeks!

I think I've felt Russell move a few times...after going to bed and lying still and quiet there have been two nights were I could feel funny bubble movements...not sure if it was food digestion or bubs though!!

I also went to my first Antenatal Hydro-therapy class...water aerobics for bumps!! 5 other women of varying bump size...4 getting close to popping and one…

17 Weeks

Oh My belly is so full!! Yes I have just had dinner but I can't eat as much as I used to!! I feel full very quickly!! But that hasn't stopped me eating at all...I've been eating lots these last two weeks and I have finally put on some weight above my blood test weight 12 weeks ago!!

And with the demise of the rain the weather is starting to heat up is really the humidity that knocks you about...after 17 days straight of rain the ground is very soggy and the sun drying it out today made it very sticky. We have had 689.8mm of rain so far in February (in the last 10 days)!!! And we had 664.0mm in the month of January!! That's a lot of water....while the other end of the country is battling heart goes out to those effected and it makes me so sad to think about the victims.

Not much happening on the baby belly scene this week...I'm desperately waiting to feel those first 'kicks' but it could be a few more weeks yet! My OB appointment was good…

Stash Sunday

I went on a bit of a fabric shopping spree a few weeks ago...and this is what has arrived this week!

This is only half of my order from EQuilter....hopefully the others are on there way soon! Wrapped beautifully in aqua tissue paper...they must have known that is my favourite colour at the moment!
The some of the new range of Al Fresco fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop. DH thinks these will work best for the nappy bag....he likes the blue circles one on the bottom as the main outside print...I'm still leaning toward the aqua and butterflies above....
I love they way these fabrics from Z&S Fabrics was packaged...these were on sale and too lovely to miss! With some at just US$3.59 a yard...I dare anyone to resist!

Which strip??? I bought the one on the left on a whim because it was on a sale and I just LOVE aqua at the moment...but I think it works better then the one I bought to go with the Butterfly has a tiny silver stripe through it which I like but the white in it doe…


More progress on Number Two of my commission quilts...the pastel one...I put these 9 patches together last night and will join and add the borders today...then they will both be ready to be sandwiched...

I also sketched this last night for another commission...stars and brights with white borders....

And because of all this quilt talk with my sister she had asked if I could make her another quilt...she got my very first sampler quilt...this is what she has choosen....Cosmos Dust..but with a white back ground and a rainbow graduation of coloured stars from one side to the piecing...YIKES!!!
This is only a cot sized I will have to add a few more blocks, like heaps, to make it bigger

The winners are.....

List Randomizer
There were 130 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

Set 2 - Taryn said.. Country may not be you but it is sooo me 4:29

Set 3 - Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said... Beautiful 4:37 AM

Set1 - linny said... Set 1 or 3 look really great. 8:33 AM

Sending contact soon...or you can leave your email address on this post! Especially Linny....I can't access your blog...please leave me an email or postal address

The Great International Stash Busting Giveaway

Here is it....sorry it is late!! I thought I had another day to go!! What happenend to Tuesday??

To make up for my error I have three sets of fabrics to giveaway...just let me know which one you want!

Set 1.
A ramdom mix of everything - brights, retro, spots, asian - a mix of sizes too....1/2 metre to smaller than a FQ

Set 2.
So not me! Country wovens! I think they are a FQ size...don't even remember where they came from!

Set 3.
More ramdon-ness from my stash - All FQ's

I'll leave it open for a little longer...24 hours...Winner drawn at 8:00pm tomorrow

16 Weeks

4 months!!

We made our first big buy this weekend...well Mum did!! The rocker for the baby's room is on lay-by and we will hopefully pick it up in a few weeks! We also bought this
I love the idea that it will last for a few years and still be useful!! Mum also got the shopping bug...and couldn't resist a few little 'specials' to add to bubs limited wardrobe! Mostly boys clothes with a pink shirt thrown in just in case! They sounds so cute...I'll add pics when I get them!

DH is re-thinking the idea of not finding out is Russell is indeed a boy....he thinks he wants to know at the next scan....all the other medical stuff makes me want a surprise...but we went looking for things to buy and there is not a lot out there that suits both boys and girls...different to 10-20 years ago when nobody found out and so lots of unisex stuff was available......I'm not sure which way to go!! We still have a few weeks to decide though....

We have had both a boy and a girl name picked…