17 Weeks

Oh My belly is so full!! Yes I have just had dinner but I can't eat as much as I used to!! I feel full very quickly!! But that hasn't stopped me eating at all...I've been eating lots these last two weeks and I have finally put on some weight above my blood test weight 12 weeks ago!!

And with the demise of the rain the weather is starting to heat up again...it is really the humidity that knocks you about...after 17 days straight of rain the ground is very soggy and the sun drying it out today made it very sticky. We have had 689.8mm of rain so far in February (in the last 10 days)!!! And we had 664.0mm in the month of January!! That's a lot of water....while the other end of the country is battling fires...my heart goes out to those effected and it makes me so sad to think about the victims.

Not much happening on the baby belly scene this week...I'm desperately waiting to feel those first 'kicks' but it could be a few more weeks yet! My OB appointment was good and quick, after the usualy long wait to go in! Mine and bubs heart rates were good. And we got another scan...no photo. Bubs back was against my stomach with his/her head turned to the side. You could see a little colour different on the screen which I presume was the ear...and you could see the spine running all the way down the back! You could see all the bones where they joined! It was very cool!! We got all the hospital paperwork to drop off at the hospital and a referral to make an appointment for the morphology scan in a few weeks! The doc has offered us a 3D scan!! So everything is going nicely! A few people have started to comment on my bump which feels like it is growing bigger or at least looks it from the angle I see. Only work colleagues have commented on my bump so far, no strangers ...I think it still looks fat not pregnant under my clothes. My clothes are still fitting, although the shorts I had on today were an only just!

I started a new position at work this week which was supposed to reduce my work load and stress levels...hasn't worked yet...running around to make up my timetable and meet with other staff has me very tired in the afternoons...hopefully it will settle down next week!

Weight: 66kg
Waist Measurement: 91cms


Cee said…
Can't wait for the 18 week pic.

Hope your new job is good!!!

Love you!
Bee said…
Hey sissy, how are you? You flooded in?!?! Miss you lots! Hope yo and A & Jester are good. Love me xoxo

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