19 Weeks

I wonder which one ours will be!!

Not much to share this week....3D scan booked for Thursday so only 2 more sleeps to wait and then we can have another peek at Russell. I've recovered from last weeks extra tiredness and cleaned the house (with DH's help) from top to bottom over the weekend...but also got some early nights so feeling rather good at the moment. There is still some disrupted sleep with rolling over....or rather trying to and it cam sometimes take a bit to find a comfortable position that isn't on my back (how I normally sleep) or right side...doesn't leave you with many options!

My 'heartburn' is becoming more frequent...not painful or bad just noticeable...

I know it hasn't been the two weeks that I normally wait between belly photos but this shirt is my favourite at the moment...shows great pregnancy cleavage!! and is sooo comfortable...If any one see another one in their local Target...can you get it for me...size 12...Any colour...I wear this one every week and I'm afraid it will be old and daggy looking before my belly out grows it....good access for breastfeeding too!!

Weight: 67.5kg - a massive 1.5 kg gain this week...I hope it all went to Russell!! Officially now a 2kg gain since finding out!


Anonymous said…
Awesome! You are looking fabulous!
Can't wait to see scan pics.

I saw those shirts in Target the other day...will no doubt be down there later this week- if they are still there I will grab you one or two.

Love and Kisses from Alannah :)

Mwah Mwah
You look gorgeous AJ. Always good to have things you can wear afterwards too. I'd grab one in every colour.
I also say if you've got it, flaunt it !!!!
cas said…
Hey hun,

You are looking good....

I hope scan goes well tomorrow, i will be back to check up on you!

Cas Cas xoxo
Anonymous said…
I have a good comfy sleep idea for you!!! Try a pillow between your legs at the knees when laying on your side. Hey try two pillows.. That first pillow will spawn all kinds of pillow relief ideas. I wish you well and congrats to you and your DH on your lil one.!! ~~Meeyo~~

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