16 Weeks

4 months!!

We made our first big buy this weekend...well Mum did!! The rocker for the baby's room is on lay-by and we will hopefully pick it up in a few weeks! We also bought this
I love the idea that it will last for a few years and still be useful!! Mum also got the shopping bug...and couldn't resist a few little 'specials' to add to bubs limited wardrobe! Mostly boys clothes with a pink shirt thrown in just in case! They sounds so cute...I'll add pics when I get them!

DH is re-thinking the idea of not finding out is Russell is indeed a boy....he thinks he wants to know at the next scan....all the other medical stuff makes me want a surprise...but we went looking for things to buy and there is not a lot out there that suits both boys and girls...different to 10-20 years ago when nobody found out and so lots of unisex stuff was available......I'm not sure which way to go!! We still have a few weeks to decide though....

We have had both a boy and a girl name picked for ages...working with children limits you on some names and DH is very fussy....likes strong non-girly names for boys, no fussy spelling for girls.....here is what was on my list....can you pick what we have chosen??



We are going with family/significant names for middle names.

DH doesn't like most of them...boys or girls...but they will stay on my list...for number 2....??

Anyone else want to share their opinions... If you already know what we are planning on actually calling the baby....don't say it here please!

I got to hear the heartbeat this past week on a Doppler....way cool!!! I went to see my acupuncture Doc about my headaches and sore neck...hoping he could fix it( turned out to be a pulled/strained muscle in my neck from sleeping funny and having the air con blowing on it, a few prods and stretches and he fixed it, no needles!). He was pleased when I told him I was pregnant...he thought I was back for more IVF treatment!! I think he wanted to hear the heartbeat, and asked if he could, of course I said yes, so he gelled me up and found it straight away just below my belly button!! Made the pregnancy seem more real than even the scan(s) did....to hear that fast swooshing noise was just wonderful!! I can still hear it ringing in my ears *sigh* Doc said my blood pressure was up a bit hope it is not too bad...he didn't seem concerned....OB appointment tomorrow so I should get some more info then...and my hospital booking in papers! YEAH!

Yes Cee!! The daggy shorts are back!!

They are not stretch marks...just wrinkles from lying on the couch!!

Weight: 65kg
Waist Measurement: 91cm


MIL said…
I'm shocked 'Horace' and 'Dorothy' were not on your lists, but that's right you said family names would come in as second and third names, didn't you!!
The doppler 'whoosh' is certainly something, isn't it!
Do you need floaties and flippers for Jester yet?
trashalou said…
Noah! Go for Noah!! It was on MY name list both times but CK nixed it. And then if it is a girl she could be Noahrella ;-)
"Stampgram" said…
I think you picked Adelaide for a girl and Aden for a boy...am I right?

I am glad to see you are not going with a ton of overused, "everyone has a kid named that", "three in every classroom" names. Although, Nathan and Noah are becoming VERY popular right now.

If it were me I would go off in another direction, Elizabeth Sophia for a girl, and Samuel Benjamin for a boy. I wanted to name one of ours those names, but DH got to name the first boy and we only got one, and he didn't like this for a girl's names so they never got used...and I tried to talk my kids into using them, but of course, to no avail, I am still waiting! LOL We are getting a new grandbaby this year, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. LOL

Here's another darling girl's name for you... Quincy Elizabeth, our oldest granddaughter's name...and she is as lovely as her name.
I've heard babies pick their own names, which would mean my daughter has changed her mind over the years.
I've heard the same thing about the clothes. Hard to find neutral. Looks like you may have to make things......
Only 100 days to go, have fun
Mands said…
How exciting! I love Eden and Ava. From the boys list I love Finn. It is such a hard choice isn't it? Keepign the 'spare' names for subsequent children is a great idea - Kya's backup name was Mali!!!
Ultrasound said…
Noah is such a cute name!

Kind regards,
Kelly said…
I'm guessing Ava and Noah, which are both lovely names. I hope you have a little girl so all your quilty friends can make lots of gorgeous girly treats for you/her. :-)
The Humming Cat said…
Boy or Girl, your baby will always be Russell to me :-)
dottycookie said…
I always loved hearing the heartbeat too - such a reassuring sound! I'd have loved an Ava or an Amelia but DH didn't agree. And Nathan or Rohan - lovely!
Cee said…
I know what you picked for a girl but I really like Finley for a boy.

Belly looks good!! Getting bigger....woooo!!!

So exciting!! Love you lots. Will call you soon. May have another commissioned quilt if you are interested!!!

Love ya!! Cee

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