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Set 2 - Taryn said.. Country may not be you but it is sooo me 4:29

Set 3 - Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said... Beautiful 4:37 AM

Set1 - linny said... Set 1 or 3 look really great. 8:33 AM

Sending contact soon...or you can leave your email address on this post! Especially Linny....I can't access your blog...please leave me an email or postal address


Kelly said…
Boo hoo, I didn't win :-(
Congrats to the lucky winners!
Kelly :-)
Thank you so much!! I am so happy to win this beautiful fabric...m..
dottycookie said…
Congrats to the winners!

AJ, you won a 'special' prize on my giveaway - if you email me at dottycookie at gmail dot com we can sort out delivery!
linny said…
I was thrilled to win a prize. Thank you so much
I'm also a Qld girl. Don't have a blog. Will send my address
linny said…
Forgot to leave an email addy
Taryn said…
I'm so excited that I won and can't wait. :0)

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