18 Weeks

Presents this week!!
All of these little onesies and rompers come from the generous Joy...My favourites are the two on the left in the second picture

A mix of boys and girls clothes from Mum....my favourite is the crocodile shirt!
From Bernadette

A very tiring week...getting into a new routine at work...left me absolutely exhausted...

This week we have booked Antenatal Classes starting the 26th of May, book our 3D Ultrasound for the 26th of February (less than 2 weeks away!! and still no closer to agreeing to find out or not!!) and dropped off my pre-admission forms to the hospital where I can have a hospital tour at 30 weeks!

I think I've felt Russell move a few times...after going to bed and lying still and quiet there have been two nights were I could feel funny bubble movements...not sure if it was food digestion or bubs though!!

I also went to my first Antenatal Hydro-therapy class...water aerobics for bumps!! 5 other women of varying bump size...4 getting close to popping and one a few weeks ahead of me....although relaxing and easy to do I was expecting a little more 'physical' activity...they did lots of talking...while I did lots of listening and there were some interesting tips flying around and a good chat on birth experiences and Ob's...so very insightful...I think I will continue to go once a week...I suppose as I get bigger the relaxing pace and light work load will be nice.

Terrible belly pics this week...in an ill-fitting work skirt, pulled down for these pictures but has been sitting high and dry, above my belly button all day (which is starting to stick out!!) and making my skirt a few inches shorter, it normally sits on my hips...everything else was/is wet/damp as it rained again yesterday...will have to be a bit more careful selecting my clothes of a morning!

And I know this is a terrible photo, I look very tired (I am) and pulling a funny face in bad lighting but oh well...Makes the bump look more real and less 'fat' when you add a head to the photo!

Weight: 66kg
Waist measurement: 92cms


Cass said…
AJ the aqua classes are really good as you get bigger (not that you are going to be that big by the look of you) but I found them really relaxing floating around in the water.
Cee said…
Boooo..where are the daggy shorts!!!! :)
Belinda said…
You look gorgeous sissy - radiant!! much love, Bee xoxo P.S Hope things dry out for you soon up there!
MIL said…
Wow!! What a belly. You look great. I don't think I should print what Mick said. Looking forward to coming up in July. Trying to get AGPAL work up there but nothing coming my way.

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