Quilt Progress

This is the start of my third commissioned quilt! This one is for Samuel...Lots and lots of cutting out but it will hopefully come together quickly! Just need to get some Sponge Bob Square Pants material for the SB marked squares in the pattern and also cut some white for around the stars and border...after a blade change!!
First cut into stripes and then tiny 2 inch squares! (Taken late at night one day last week)
There is more than enough sqaures here for this quilt but I wanted to have a nice variety of colour....so I've already got some plans for the left over bits!!

I'm up to sandwiching and backing the other two quilts...just waiting to see if Foz has a boy or a girl so I can back one of them in the 'right' colour! I have a georgous puprle I want to use but it won't work if bub is a boy! The other I was going to do in a unisex lovely bright green that I have! I need to start thinking about the quilting for both of them...if it should be the same or not....


Helen said…
Third commissioned quilt! Go AJ!!!! Looks great! Excellent job hon, proud of you!
Cee said…
Just showed Marina (the comissionee) the sketch and she is over the moon!!! Very very excited about seeing the end product!! Go AJ!!!
dottycookie said…
Gorgeous colours, as usual!
Austy's Mum said…
This one looks like it will be fantastic - can't wait to see how it turns out - I love the design.

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