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Spring is over...

Tomorrow is the start of a new season...and is one day closer to the holidays....I am soooo hanging out for them you wouldn't believe how much work I've got to do between now and then and yet I sit here blogging away...just an excuse really to play on my (our) new computer...we now have vista...and I've lost a lot of my passwords swapping computers...very frustrating...ok this post isn't making much must go....I started a new quit tonight but not much to show...maybe later...

Flashback Friday...can't happen at the well as a new computer we got a new printer/scanner...but it came without one of the until I go and pick one up ...hopefully tomorrow the Friday Photo will have to wait!

Now I'm not so sure....

I thought this was what I wanted it to look like....but now I'm not so sure....I have a orange/pink/yellow stripe for the binding and possibly the backing if I have enough...

Biscuits ...number 3 & 4

I love the smell of baking in the house...however I could do without the heat from the oven turning the kitchen into a sauna!!!
Snicker Doodles...look nothing like the picture in the book...but they taste good!!

Beacon Hill Biscuits



We bought our first gift for my soon-to-be Niece or Nephew today... a pull along wooden cute I couldn't resist...I know s/he won't be big enough for it for a while but I didn't want to miss out on the bargain...KC's tummy is starting to show, so I've I'm hanging out to see them at Christmas time...better get my butt into gear for the baby's quilt!! I've my fingers crossed for a boy!!

Biscuits.....Number 2

More yummies...Ginger Biscuits...they need heaps more ginger in them and i had to double the flour so that i could roll them into balls....must have been a misprint...still yummy though!!

After the rain...


Catching some ZZZZZ's

I was watching the cricket yesterday day and I only closed my eyes for a minute......honest!!

Christmas Wall Hanging

Finished nice and quick...yeah!! Wonder if I have time to make another one...??? Will definitely have to get myself a thimble though...can't find my other one and now I have a nice little dint in my finger!!

Flashback Friday

As promised it is my turn to choose this week theme..., bikes, tucks, skateboards, roller skates, prams or family road trips!

This is my older brother washing the car in our back yard....and the second one is me pushing my sister in the pram...covered in chickenpox for my second birthday!!

Christmas sewing

I've only started one Christmas project so far...I hope to get a few done...This is a squeeze squeeze it in when you can!!

A wall hanging for DH's Nana

Mystery Quilt

Thought I'd put the ideas out there for the Mystery Quilt I will be running in the new year...just in case you want to start the fabric search early. You will need about a metre of each, but I will be giving out more accurate quantities later. I have a few fabric is the first one.

A feature print

a light tone-on-tone print

A medium small scale print

A dark fabric

Another Fabric sample here

I can see the floor!!

After a few hours organising I can once again see the floor in our study/sewing room. A lot of it was work related but there was quilting things mixed in too. I washed and ironed all the lovely new fabric I had hanging around after another trip to Spotlight yesterday so it is ready to go when I get the chance.

Also had a marathon Scrapbooking afternoon with my SIL yesterday...she got a lot done with my help...I did do 7 pages last weekend though so that should do me for now...I have a lot to do next year if I want to finish Mum's 50th album in time!!

Only 5 more weeks of school left...I can't wait!!

Flashback Friday...

It's been a while...but here is one for this week
It's all in the here is a photo for my mum in the family way. Here she is 7 months pregant with me! By the look fo the background it was taken in my great- grandparents front yard. July 1980

And next week I get to pick the topic...thanks Three Buttons!! I started off wondering what on earth I could pick...but a quick flick through the photo box and now I have heaps...will have to narrow it down a bit!!

It arrived!!

I am very happy at announce that my doll quilt finally arrived at Joy's house. She took some gorgeous photos of Austy and the Teddies playing with the I hope she doesn't mind me sharing...SOOOOO glad you like it Joy!!

Quilty cuddles
Benji and his quilt
Teddy Bears Picnic
Back...Michael Miller Spots

Biscuits...Number 1

And as promised I've made something out of the books I got for my birthday...these ones are Peanut Butter Choc Chip and they are yum!! Had to stop DH from eating them while the cooled so I would have enough for a photo....

EB Doll quilt swap..

For months now...well two actually... these quilts have been in the making...and look at the lovely results...they will hopefully be soon posted here if your interested in having a look at some of the on to mine

The lovely Lily sent me this beautiful hand quilted Doll quilt... I love the floral print fabric...I have something similar in blues I think... and it goes perfectly with the beautiful plum colour that it is alternated with.



A blurry close up of the hand stitching...will take a better one soon...