It arrived!!

I am very happy at announce that my doll quilt finally arrived at Joy's house. She took some gorgeous photos of Austy and the Teddies playing with the I hope she doesn't mind me sharing...SOOOOO glad you like it Joy!!

Quilty cuddles
Benji and his quilt
Teddy Bears Picnic
Back...Michael Miller Spots


three buttons said…
Awww, looks like you have a big fan of your work! Great photos!

I hope you don't mind I have nominated you to suggest our theme for next weeks Flashback Friday.
Helen said…
Looks lovely as always AJ. All those little triangles! I'm still in awe! :)
atet said…
What a fun little quilt -- and it looks like its owner really loves it!
Cass said…
AJ the quilt looks great
three buttons said…
Hi AJ!

Feel free to choose a previous theme or current... I post the new theme every Wednesday to allow enough time to search our albums : )
three buttons said…
Me again! I just received your flickr mail but I don't have a returning email address. If you could send a message via my contact page at I can email you back since I will then have your email address. Sorry for all the run around!
Sonnja said…
What a lovely little quilt!
Kind regards,

Sonnja, from the Netherlands

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