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24 Weeks

Russell can really wriggle!!
I have been constantly feeling movement all week. Hubby can now feel most of the movements if he is quick enough...bubs usually stops when he touches my belly! We are beginning to talk to bubs more and are trying to see if we get a response..nothing concrete so far...although in the waiting room at the OB's today the music was playing a little louder than usual and he was having a grand old time wriggling and kicking to the was 'easy listening' music so I'm keen to see if he likes other types as well!! Aunty Bee will have to suggest some for us to try!!

The Doc went through the scan pics from 5 weeks ago (cause I forgot to take them last time) and said everything looked good! The report says 'measuring in the 51st percentile'...not too big...not too perfect really!! He also gave us some information on the birth and what is protocol at the private hospital we are going to give birth in. I've started my rese…


Been working on this over the bright!! Just waiting on some fabric to arrive to finish putting it together!

It has given me some great ideas for a bright cot quilt for Russell!

Birth of a new day!

How good does this look!! I loved making this quilt and then I sent it off to Helen to be quited!! She is an amazing quilter and good friend and I am so in awe of her talent! Hopefully I can be as good as her one day!

I called it 'Birth of a new day' The colours remind me of the sun over the outback.

This quilt won't be staying still for too long....look out for the will arrive at a blog readers mail box soon!!

It arrived at it's destination...Made for the birth of Jessica Grace and for her lovely mummy Bec to enjoy too...Hoping Bec doesn't mind..I stole these off her blog...

23 Weeks

Rock-a-bye Baby!!

Finally I have my rocking chair a rockin'...Hubby put it together for me on Sunday and it works beautifully!! The free up-grade in models means that this one reclines...bonus!! It is super comfy and I can see me falling asleep in it!! Might come in handy if bubs is an unsettled one!
PIctures taken at 22 Weeks + 5 days

Also this arrived in the mail this week...a baby of the better ones on the market apparently...supports bubs weight better than other 'hang by the crouch' ones

I also bought some flannelette cot sheets, PJ's for hospital and a few other small bits and pieces this afternoon while I was out.

Weight: 70kg (OMG!!!)

Almost there...

I've added the binding and the hanging sleeve...after a minor un-pick that is! I will be doing ti differently next time...just to make it easier on me...they way it is now will be fine!

So a week of hand stitching in front of the telly at is too hot during the day to sit with a quilt on your lap... and it should be in the post very soon!!

Happy Birthday!!

My beautiful Baby niece is the big 1 today! I wish I was spending the day with her at her BBQ Birthday lunch. These are the lastest pictures I could find of her...Hopefully I will get sent some birthday ones soon...hint hint!!

Happy 1st Birthday Annaleisa Maree!!
Thanks Sis for sending me these updated photos xxxooo.
Taken the morning after her brithday!

22 Weeks

I have an 'outie' belly button has popped out and you can even see it though clothes!! DH has taken great pleasure in wiggling or poking it every chance he gets! It can even cast its own shadow as you can see in the second pic.

And yep they are maternity clothes I'm wearing!! Mum gave me this shirt at Christmas and these are my favourite work pants I have grown out of with a very cheeky extended button thingy attached and a fabric band to cover the fly I can't do up!! I spent a few hours over the weekend trying on every piece of clothing I own and now have a large draw full of clothes I no longer fit into...but so I have at least some clothes to wear as I have borrowed a heap of maternity clothes off a friend (Thanks J!!) and off of a work colleague (Thanks Christine!!) She has been a life saver...well at least a money saver she had added at least 30 pieces to my wardrobe....I shouldn't have to buy any other clothes while fat...I would like a dress though...I&…


and counting!!!
Some of you may remember this quilt...fondly refered to as 'the football quilt' as I sit and hand stitch in front of the TV for a few hours on Friday night and Sunday arvo... I have heaps of 'flowers' ready to stitch to the main piece of quilt I've got together...and heaps more to make!!

21 Weeks

Kick Kick Kick!!

I felt Russell's first kicks over the weekend!! (20 weeks + 4 days) Definite kicks (or punches) that I can feel on different pasts of my tummy and see on my skin a is very cool. The most unusual bubbles popping under my skin...I can feel them as I type.... and has been happening all weekend and at work the last few days...only when I'm sitting/laying down and still though. DH has tried to feel them...and I think he did tonight...just briefly... he blamed the food in my stomach though!! How rude!! Hopefully it won't be too long til he can really feel them!!

We also went baby shopping on the weekend, while FIL was here to help with the lift, to pick up my rocking chair...major hiccup though! They lost my lay by!! They had lots of the other colours but not the one we ordered and they had kept for a few phone calls later they have now found it...but it will be another week before we have time to go and pick it up!

While we were…

Oh So Charming!!

Thanks to the lovely EB quilters I have received lots of pretty charms over the last few weeks!! They will sit for a little bit til after I have finished a few other projects and then I will decide what to do with them. Thanks girls!


These were extra special charms from her 1km of fabric giveaway...I was putting aside the ones I like best to put at the bottom of the photo so you could see the whole print and I almost had more in that pile than the neat rows I was making! They are all beautiful and most of them shine!!

20 Weeks

Half Way!!!
Goodness the last few weeks have gone quickly...I suppose that happens when you are kept busy with work.

I have been slightly over whelmed with work the last few days and so this post got abandoned very quickly...just not thinking straight and I forgot to come back and finish it...sorry!! I'll do it now....

I've had a few 'baby brain' moments...minor things but I nearly forgot my OB appointment yesterday...opps...the one time the Dr. is running on time for appointments...typical! I actually did make it on time but had to meet DH at the clinic instead of doubling back home to pick him up....the problem...wandering around in Spotlight in a daze...knowing what I went in for but not remembering how much I needed or if there was anything else...and then of course just general wandering...I did get the last bit to start making the nappy bag. (Dam! I just remembered I also needed Velcro...grrrrr!!) Although I've had felt no movements yet Russell is still doing ve…