24 Weeks

Russell can really wriggle!!
I have been constantly feeling movement all week. Hubby can now feel most of the movements if he is quick enough...bubs usually stops when he touches my belly! We are beginning to talk to bubs more and are trying to see if we get a response..nothing concrete so far...although in the waiting room at the OB's today the music was playing a little louder than usual and he was having a grand old time wriggling and kicking to the music...it was 'easy listening' music so I'm keen to see if he likes other types as well!! Aunty Bee will have to suggest some for us to try!!

The Doc went through the scan pics from 5 weeks ago (cause I forgot to take them last time) and said everything looked good! The report says 'measuring in the 51st percentile'...not too big...not too small....so perfect really!! He also gave us some information on the birth and what is protocol at the private hospital we are going to give birth in. I've started my research on that and breastfeeding this week...so I will be as prepared as I can hopefully!

The 'what to buy' list for bubs is slowly shrinking....still a few major things to get, like the pram, and also a few minor things...nappy buckets, mobile and change table mat etc...and I'm still having issues with the clothes!! They are all so cute!! I can't wait for the cot to arrive so that I can move the spare bed out of bubs room and the cot in...then it will feel like a real nursery and I can decide what colours to make the bedding! Most likely bright!!

Here are the bump pictures for this fortnight...I was thinking about doing a comparision side by side...but might leave it a few more weeks.

Weight: 70.5kg
Wasit Mesaurement: 95cm


Helen said…
Looking good AJ! Daz reckons your boobs are bigger!
Bee said…
Your boobs are much bigger . . I agree!!! You are soo cute sissy!!! Can't wait to buy bubby some music - you'll have to put the headphones on your belly!! Miss you lots - Love always, Bee xoxoxox
Look gorgeous AJ and I love those tops, for maternity and any time.
Shannon said…
You look beautiful AJ!
ozjane said…
I love the way we show off the tummy these days and can be proud of it. Can just imagine your great gran faining at the thought of it.
My Nanna would have died..........lol.
I had surgery when young and was not able to have chn but it would even have been a shocking photo when I was of child bearing age......what a hoot....how life has changed.
Love that bright fabric a post or two away...getting late here.

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