22 Weeks

I have an 'outie'....my belly button has popped out and you can even see it though clothes!! DH has taken great pleasure in wiggling or poking it every chance he gets! It can even cast its own shadow as you can see in the second pic.

And yep they are maternity clothes I'm wearing!! Mum gave me this shirt at Christmas and these are my favourite work pants I have grown out of with a very cheeky extended button thingy attached and a fabric band to cover the fly I can't do up!! I spent a few hours over the weekend trying on every piece of clothing I own and now have a large draw full of clothes I no longer fit into...but so I have at least some clothes to wear as I have borrowed a heap of maternity clothes off a friend (Thanks J!!) and off of a work colleague (Thanks Christine!!) She has been a life saver...well at least a money saver she had added at least 30 pieces to my wardrobe....I shouldn't have to buy any other clothes while fat...I would like a dress though...I've always thought dresses over pregnant bellies look cute...especially when they are really big! Maybe I will sew one!

Finally got the rocking chair business sorted and it is now at home waiting to be put together...hopefully tomorrow...DH has promised!! They had to upgrade us to the next model though as I didn't want to wait another 3 weeks for something I ordered at least 6 weeks ago!! No extra cost though so at least that is something!

I'm still researching the prams...but I have found a few I like to look of on the net...now to find them in real life...so we can take them for a test drive!

Russell's latest trick to somersaulting!! It feels very weird and makes my stomach do weird things on the outside...going really hard in one spot and making a definite bump for 5-10 seconds and then he settles again! The kicking has continued and DH can feel them now too!! Not all the little ones but he has managed to catch a few decent kicks that make my skin jump!!

Weight: 68.5kg
Waist Measurement: 96cms


Kylie said…
That is one cute baby bump! Over half way already!
Cascade Lily said…
My dear, I would hardly call you fat! Please don't focus on your weight. Focus on the AMAZING thing your body is doing - creating another human bean!!!

Like the outtie. Maybe DH can draw some eyes and a smiley mouth :)
Anonymous said…
Looking good AJ! An outie!!!! Glad DH has felt a kick now, makes them feel special. :)
Anonymous said…
It's me, Helen! Haven't logged into blogger so I am anon....

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