20 Weeks

Half Way!!!
Goodness the last few weeks have gone quickly...I suppose that happens when you are kept busy with work.

I have been slightly over whelmed with work the last few days and so this post got abandoned very quickly...just not thinking straight and I forgot to come back and finish it...sorry!! I'll do it now....

I've had a few 'baby brain' moments...minor things but I nearly forgot my OB appointment yesterday...opps...the one time the Dr. is running on time for appointments...typical! I actually did make it on time but had to meet DH at the clinic instead of doubling back home to pick him up....the problem...wandering around in Spotlight in a daze...knowing what I went in for but not remembering how much I needed or if there was anything else...and then of course just general wandering...I did get the last bit to start making the nappy bag. (Dam! I just remembered I also needed Velcro...grrrrr!!) Although I've had felt no movements yet Russell is still doing very well...a super quick ultrasound from the Dr. showed a little one curled up in there...heart beating away nicely. I was supposed to take in the scan pics from last week but I didn't know I had to and got frowned at by the receptionist...again!! How am I ment to know these things if they don't tell me...?? The Dr. wasn't too worried by it though and said all looked good on the written report that he had emailed to him...(in my defence I thought they emailed the whole thing, pictures included, but it turns out it is just the report...and last time I carried my ultrasound films to an appointment he didn't even look at them!)

Quite a few rough nights of sleep this week too...not only is it harder to get comfortable but I'm having the most vivid dreams...not all of them pleasant...so I course I then wake up which wakes DH up and then we both toss and turn...well he turns it is not so easy for me!

Little Alannah sent Russel some gorgeous bibs this week, along with her Mum sending me two of those comfy Target shirts I was looking for...thanks girls xoxoxoxox I'll be wearing them very soon...the shirts not the bibs!!

Dad has offered to buy me a pram or car seat or something else major we need to get for bubs...thanks Dad!! Time to get serious on the research I think! DH has picked out a car seat...blue racing stripes to match the car!! But the pram is going to be a little harder...way too many out there to chose from!! I do have some features in mind that I like so that will be a good place to start!

This weeks belly pic...self portrait...and huge!! I think I have worn these pants for the last time...for a little while at least...my favourite work pants. They used to be super comfy...but I squeezed into them this morning and they were tight and uncomfortable all day!! I can't pull them down any further so they will have to go in the draw til after bubs is born!! I had to undo the buttons to sit down tonight and they still weren't comfy!!Photo - today 20 weeks +2 days

All my weight this week went to my boobs I think!! I spent $50 on a 'proper' maternity bra a few weeks ago and have worn it once...it was so uncomfortable...despite being fitted at an underwear shop! Picked up a few cheaper ones from Traget and I'm most impressed...super comfy and a few sizes bigger than I normally get!!! YIKES!!!

Weight: 68kg
Waist Measurement: 94cm


Cascade Lily said…
Oh well done AJ and Russell!!
ingrid said…
Yay, on reaching the halfway milestone!
Your baby belly looks gorgeous.
Emma said…
Looking good! James is on my lap and asked at that last photo, "Who's that? Is that Daddy?" !!! I think we'll not tell Simon he looks 20w pregnant!!!

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