Birth of a new day!

How good does this look!! I loved making this quilt and then I sent it off to Helen to be quited!! She is an amazing quilter and good friend and I am so in awe of her talent! Hopefully I can be as good as her one day!

I called it 'Birth of a new day' The colours remind me of the sun over the outback.

This quilt won't be staying still for too long....look out for the will arrive at a blog readers mail box soon!!

It arrived at it's destination...Made for the birth of Jessica Grace and for her lovely mummy Bec to enjoy too...Hoping Bec doesn't mind..I stole these off her blog...


Emma said…
This is fantastic, AJ! Glorious colours. Is there a pattern to it, or a completely random design?
Anonymous said…
Just gorgeous AJ. Reminds me of FIRE !!!! So warm and cuddly. Well Done xx
Bronwyn said…
Wow - the pattern is really interesting and the colours are so bright and happy - where is it going?
Helen said…
Birth of a New Day? I was thinking along the lines of "Blunt Unpicker!" LOL :) Stunning quilt to work on.

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