Oh So Charming!!

Thanks to the lovely EB quilters I have received lots of pretty charms over the last few weeks!! They will sit for a little bit til after I have finished a few other projects and then I will decide what to do with them. Thanks girls!


These were extra special charms from Emma...in her 1km of fabric giveaway...I was putting aside the ones I like best to put at the bottom of the photo so you could see the whole print and I almost had more in that pile than the neat rows I was making! They are all beautiful and most of them shine!!


Emma said…
I'm glad you like them - any plans what you're going to use them for?
Becky said…
Those blues are fantastic!

Can't wait to see what you turn them all into.
Helen said…
Great stash of aqua and pink AJ!! I should lay all mine out too and take a photo.
ozjane said…
Love the aqua and blues.
I am always having foot and mouth trouble as I have a very select few pinks in my palate.
I can appreciate they are wonderful
But the pink ones did not elicit envy.
That was a nice change......vbg.

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