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{WIP Wednesday} The beginning of the end?

You might be getting a little bored of this 3 weeks in a row...but well that is all I have time for at the moment...a stolen few minutes here and there. 
I did promise you something different over the weekend....but well I'm not going to beat myself up about not getting to it. 4.5 hours getting Aden's toys, clothes, books and whole room back in order was a was getting to 'trash heap' levels.

So I've started adding a 3rd colour. A lovely red.

But here is what I have learnt this week.....always always always triple check your pattern! It took me until row 8 to go back and look again at the tutorial I'm following for this blanket and what did I find...I've been doing the ends wrong the WHOLE time.

I was going to frog it (again) but well.... I want this finished not perfect. I can handle one end being a little wonky. I'll just make sure that end is at the bottom of the bed!

I'm still not sure I've got it 100% right....opinions welcome…

{WIP Wednesday} Frogging

Jumping in again with The Little White Dove (click on the image above to find her) for a WIP Wednesday post! 
I showed this to my online crocheting experts through the week... I knew it didn't look right. And after a few visuals I realised the only way to 'fix' it was to undo it all. 
4 and a bit rows....back to just 1....

I probably could have saved the last bit and wasn't paying enough attention when I was frogging it (new lingo...does it sound like I know what I'm talking about??) and so pulled out more than I really needed to but....I'm enjoying the process so much that after winding all the wool back up, I started again. 

Apparently it is back on track. Hoping I can keep it that way and you will see some more progress next week. The weekend is looking clear of commitments so hopefully I can get some crafting done on some long overdue projects as well!

With a little help from my friends....

What a fabulous place to be. And what made it even better was the beyond fabulous people that were waiting for me when I got there....extra baggage and all.

We were welcomed with open arms to this island getaway for a weekend of relaxing, chatting, eating and just a little bit of crafting.

I can't say enough thanks to my crafting friends who showed love, acceptance and true friendship.
And of course enabling.....after a number of colour shuffles and umming and aring  the rainbow of wool was decided upon.

And then after some more food, laughter and strolling along the beach. I decided to get crafting....well sort of. I got the basics from Kitten and then mulled over it for a while and a while more.... A brithday party, some family time and then it was time to get serious. I watched this YouTube clip a number of times and read over this blog post a hundred times and then finally I could see some success!

15 mins here and there is all I can manage at the moment, with other busy…