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{WIP} Sea Breeze Mini Quilt-a-long

I'm a sucker for half square triangles and I'm a sucker for....'everyone else is doing it'

So because I can and the timing was right I joined in the Sew-a-long hosted by Gnome Angel

I picked out some favourite Central Park fabrics and got chopping

I'll be back to show you more progress!

{WIP} Memory Quilt

I was showing a colleague some of  the quilts I have made in the past a few months back and didn't think much else of it til she approached me asking if I make quilts for others.

I have done a few in the past here,here, here, here and here. But this one is going to be different. It will be a memory quilt with photo blocks of the 13 grandchildren this lovely lady has.

I started drawing up a plan....and then sashed the photos.

Decided the photos were bigger than the picture that I had in my head and needed bigger fabric blocks to go with them. Re-drafted the blocks and fabrics cuts....bigger cuts means less of them right?

The photo on the top left has the squares attached to it...the others are just layout on the wall. I'm liking it so far and I quick text with a positive response means I'm on the right track!  Yeah! Now to get it done by the deadline!

Joining in with Little White Dove for the Aussie WIP link up! What have you been making this week?

{WIP} House Blocks

I swap with Swap-bot!

Something a bit different for this Work in Progress post! 
Just to prove that I do still quilt....sometimes... in small doses!
These cute little houses are on the cutting mat for the block swap above. They'll be finished by Friday and in the mail.

Looking forward to seeing what I get back in the post

And I'm still working on the ripple....half way there!

Catch you next week!

Maverick Stars

Ever been so involved in a  project that you can't think of anything else?
Nope me neither.....I so have Crafters ADD!
I went looking through a pile of fabric to find the material I know I have for making a knights outfit for Aden...and look what I found! 
An almost finished quilt top!

So what is a girl to do but sit down and finish off the last 4 blocks!

The tutorial for these blocks can be found here. Please don't look at the date!
Most of the blocks are together now....I'm stopping to rest my shoulder. But hopefully I can join the last few together tomorrow.... and find that knight fabric.....
I'm  counting it as progress in my 'Kick the Bucket 2014' challenge. You can read about it here

Lake's Ripple Blanket

This ripple blanket has been put on hold with the arrival of my new wool for a new ripple blanket!

 This wool is beautiful and so soft. I got started straight away. I like the dark colour (royal) to start with but the dark wool is trickier to find the stitches with. I got there in the end and I'm steaming along.

The colour choices are fabulous and I'm loving how it is coming together! 

Only 1 more colour to add before I can start the colours again.

So.... technically it is not Wednesday but Little White Dove left the link why not!

Apple Cinnamon Sugar Muffins

These taste as yummy as they look!
There a number of versions floating around in Pinterest. I used this one here
I have quite a few more sweet treats to try...especially with an upcoming birthday to plan for! 

This is project number11 in my totally pinspired challenge. I'm still waaaaay behind.