Lake's Ripple Blanket

This ripple blanket has been put on hold with the arrival of my new wool for a new ripple blanket!

 This wool is beautiful and so soft. I got started straight away. I like the dark colour (royal) to start with but the dark wool is trickier to find the stitches with. I got there in the end and I'm steaming along.

The colour choices are fabulous and I'm loving how it is coming together! 

Only 1 more colour to add before I can start the colours again.

So.... technically it is not Wednesday but Little White Dove left the link why not!

Little White Dove


Skipper said…
OMG! Your colours are stunning!! So incredibly soft and relaxing to look at. You are making me want to do another ripple!!
Love the colours you've picked. I'd love to make one of day
It's looking fabulous! And I left it open on purpose - holidays are too hard to stick to regular days!

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