12 WIP's in 2012

Have you got a quilt top that needs backing and binding? A pile of half-finished blocks? A Table Runner that needs quilting? Some Quilting Bee blocks that require putting together? A husband that thinks you have too many projects on the go at once?

Got a pile of WIP’s you’d like to see finished?

I say YES to all of the above and if you do too why not join me on a 12 WIP’s in 2012 challenge!

Starting in January you can challenge yourself to finish 1 WIP a month.

Here are the rules:

1.     At least 6 of the projects must be projects already started (genuine Works-in-progress) ie blocks that need to be made into a quilt, or a cushion that needs backing and a zip, or a table runner that needs quilting, or a quilt top that needs batting/backing/binding
2.     The other 6 projects can be using fabrics that you bought for a specific purpose or a pattern that you bought but have never used yet or even ideas or a pattern that you have drawn up yourself but not yet started (so essentially ‘old’ projects that you just haven’t had time to start yet)
3.     Project finishes must be blogged within the calendar month to count for that months finish
4.     Max of 1 entry per month to go into the draw (but you can finish more than 1 project…just depends on how big your WIP list is!)

So what is this ‘draw’ I’m talking about…well it is always nice to be rewarded for your efforts and so I have decided to make a fabric prize pack to be raffled off at the end of the year.  Each WIP project that you finish in a calendar month gives you 1 ticket in the draw.

Now I am not rich, I don’t own a fabric shop and I don’t have (nor do I want) sponsors for my blog so if you would like to be part of the challenge and have your name go into the draw for the end of the year you will need to send me 1 FQ (sort-of like a fee to enter a show I guess)

 Now remember you could win this prize pack back so the FQ needs to be a quality piece of Quilters cotton in a standard FQ size.  Throughout the year I will be adding to the prize pack from my own stash and will also happily accept any other donations.

You can join in the challenge at any time, all you need to do is send me (comment on this post –with ‘reply’ active – and I’ll send you my address) a FQ of one of your favourite fabrics. If I haven’t got your fabric by the 1st of December then you’ll be removed from the draw.

I’ll also give you an extra ticket this month (December or January) if you blog about the challenge on your blog – Leave the link in the comments on this post.

So that’s it…here is a quick recap
  •  make a list of all the WIP’s you have stashed around your sewing room (blogging about your list will earn you an extra ticket!)
  • You can have more than 12 WIP’s on the list and you can choose to do them in any order you like….you don’t even have to have a list but remember there must be at least 6 genuine WIP’s
  • Sign up for the challenge on this post
  • Send me 1 Fat Quarter of quality quilters cotton by the 1st of December 2012 to have your name added to the draw
  • Complete at least 1 WIP each month and blog about it to earn a ticket.

If you have any questions please ask and I’ll edit this post to answer them for everyone.

Have fun!

PS I've made a blog button if you'd like to 'grab' it for your blog!


loving husband said…
11 too many isn't it. Love you.
thehummingcat said…
11 is tame, I have 17+
Bec Clarke said…
Super idea, I have a few will have to haul them out and itemise them.
thehummingcat said…
Wahoo!! I will send you a stack of FQ and have some patterns here too, lets make it a GREAT prize!!
Leah said…
Great idea - will evaluate when we get home!
Milly said…
I think I'm in. I don't have a huge WIP pile but I'd like to get on top of it!

Can I add unfinished garment projects? I have lots of those I'd like to get done too. They are usually smaller and quicker than quilts so say I said 3 garment WIPS = 1 quilt WIP could I add them? I'll Mai py discus on quilts though
Milly said…
That should say I'd mainly focus on quilts lol
princess pudge said…
I'm in! have to sort my blog out and post my WIPs tomorrow but I'm in :D
Lanalarn said…
No blog but plenty of UFo's. Will send a confession list soon but really should finish Moon glow by Jinny Beyer not the 10th anniversary but first released one. Status connecting blocks finished. Block one made 3 times. Lost first time, not happy with second time, cut out to sew for third time.
Becky said…
Yup, I should do this.
Kirsty said…
I am in as well I will blog this week about it.
becanne said…
No way I'll get 12 quilts finished, but I'll give it a bash!
Car said…
Im in and I blogged my list too :)
Bec Clarke said…
I have blogged but the list will grow I am sure:
I've giving it a go too and have blogged : )
Copper Patch said…
Okay. I'm in. Just blogging it now. Eeeeek. Fingers crossed I become a super finisher in 2012.
Thanks for the boot up the bum.
Ab :o)
Copper Patch said…
The link to my blog. Please send me your addy so I can send some fabric.
Thanks AJ.

Anonymous said…
Count me in.
Nell said…
I am one of Nic's friends that would like to join if you don't mind? I will blog my list later today (I actually started my year trying to get WIPs under control so have a couple of progress entries on my blog already.
Ange Moore said…
Great idea - might have to join in! I have the requisite 6 incomplete and my head is full, full, full of ideas and I have a sewing room full, full, full of fabric that needs to be used!!

Thanks for the virtual kick up the backside!
Copper Patch said…
Wahoooo first finish done...it wasn't even one on my list :o)
amummy said…
AJ, This is a great idea. I have blogged about it here: http://amummy.myhabari.net/2012/01/2012-i-am-back/
I don't quite have the required 6 WIPs at the moment, I will have to dig around and see what else I can find unfinished.
Celtic Thistle said…
This is exactly what I need to motivate me! I am relieved to find that I am not the only one with quilt tops haunting cupboards, and as we will, hopefully, move back home sometime this year it is a great incentive to move finished items rather than pieces!!

Will blog my list too so there is no hiding from it :)
Celtic Thistle said…
Blogged my list here


Just thinking about admitting my list in public gives me the jitters, and I hope my husband doesn't see how often I buy fabric without getting round to doing the project!
Michelle said…
Can I still join in this - maybe only 9 then for me in 2012?

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