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M's Baby has arrived!

M rang me yesterday. She had a boy on the 18th of September....very typical of her to wait and ring me...but I think she wanted to tell me herself. They are very happy and healthy...I'll go down and see them in about three weeks.....must finish his quilt before then....Hope it's not too girly....?? I will still have to put a tag on the back....

Fuzzy Circles

It has taken just a week shy of two years to finish but it is now done! I still like it although it needed to but slightly bigger to sit nicely on the double bed in the spare room but it is done and Binded so no more! A hates it though....too bright for him and it will continue to shed threads...not his style at all.
I've been so busy reading other blogs I've forgotten to update mine!

Had a slight interruption yesterday with my quilting....I had (still have) one side of binding to be stitched down on my 'Fuzzy Circles' quilt when the cat weed on it!! I was having a nanna nap....(I've been really tired lately)....and when I came back to finish it I found a huge wet patch on it! She got a smack for it and I then had to go and try and wash the quilt. I managed to rinse out the bit she weed on and let it drip dry over night so I can finish sewing it today. I want it finished and on the spare bed for when Mum visits on Sunday. It the only quilt she asked Have you finished it yet? I will for when she gets here.

Had a yard clean up yesterday....I pushed the mower while A whipper-snipped. We put the sprinklers on when we where finished and had a long play with Jester in the backyard. That dog is going to need a lot of exercise! The vet told us on Tuesday that he was fat!!…

Good Food Great Husband!!

I'm full!!

A has cooked another wonderful meal again tonight. He is a Jamie Oliver convert and loves to cook his recipes and does a fabulous job of it! Tonight was
Pappardelle, spicy sausage meat and mixed wild mushrooms
As you can see from the pictures, it's is a delicious pasta dish that we will be having again!

Last night it was Botham Bugers

They were massive and neither of us could finish it! But delicious!

Tomorrow night it's my turn. A has picked the recipe I just have to cook it...I'll let you know how it goes!

Ho Hum!

Just another Saturday...a bit ho hum...went shopping this morning for nothing special. A got some wine though 6 bottles for about $65 so not too bad...shame I don't really like wine though! He will have to drink it all by himself!

Took some video of Jester day today...he does this really great trick of fetching his new ball and running and jumping into his bed where you can take the ball off him and do it all over again. Very funny when he is starting to get tired as he doesn't make it into the bed the first go...or out of it..... more of a nose plant into the cement! Of course he didn't do it very well when I had the camera out so I will have to try again later. Thought I'd put another picture of him in just cause he is getting so big already he is 11 weeks on Tuesday so I will have to make some inquiries about his twelve week booster shots.

Slack and Lazy!!

I'm being very slack and lazy lately....must step up the pace. The school holidays are nearly here and then it will be full on for the month of October....visitors, a wedding and travel.

Haven't done much sewing lately...haven't really felt like it. (Oh no shock horror!!) Need to buy some purple material to finish C's quilt and I really need to finish my cross stich!!

That hasn't stopped me from buying a few magazines and making plans to start another quilt! HEHEHEHE A says I have to wait til my 'Roadworks' quilt is finished. It will be another month til I get my last block and then I think I'm about 4 blocks behind...will have to get cracking!! I added a picture of the first block for the roadworks quilt...a dump truck! There are lots of other roadwork type things on this stop signs and witches hats and cement mixers and bulldozers and the like...very cute when it is all finished cause I can add reflective tape in the shashings to really se…