Slack and Lazy!!

I'm being very slack and lazy lately....must step up the pace. The school holidays are nearly here and then it will be full on for the month of October....visitors, a wedding and travel.

Haven't done much sewing lately...haven't really felt like it. (Oh no shock horror!!) Need to buy some purple material to finish C's quilt and I really need to finish my cross stich!!

That hasn't stopped me from buying a few magazines and making plans to start another quilt! HEHEHEHE A says I have to wait til my 'Roadworks' quilt is finished. It will be another month til I get my last block and then I think I'm about 4 blocks behind...will have to get cracking!! I added a picture of the first block for the roadworks quilt...a dump truck! There are lots of other roadwork type things on this stop signs and witches hats and cement mixers and bulldozers and the like...very cute when it is all finished cause I can add reflective tape in the shashings to really set if off.

Anyway needing to get back to the house work (after I check the other blogs I read)!!


Helen said…
Thats one cool looking dumptruck AJ! Hot Possums design??
AJ said…
No Helen it is from a New Zealand quilting shop called 'The Applebasket' It is a Block-of-the-month project. Very cute!!

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