Ho Hum!

Just another Saturday...a bit ho hum...went shopping this morning for nothing special. A got some wine though 6 bottles for about $65 so not too bad...shame I don't really like wine though! He will have to drink it all by himself!

Took some video of Jester day today...he does this really great trick of fetching his new ball and running and jumping into his bed where you can take the ball off him and do it all over again. Very funny when he is starting to get tired as he doesn't make it into the bed the first go...or out of it..... more of a nose plant into the cement! Of course he didn't do it very well when I had the camera out so I will have to try again later. Thought I'd put another picture of him in just cause he is getting so big already he is 11 weeks on Tuesday so I will have to make some inquiries about his twelve week booster shots.


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