I've been so busy reading other blogs I've forgotten to update mine!

Had a slight interruption yesterday with my quilting....I had (still have) one side of binding to be stitched down on my 'Fuzzy Circles' quilt when the cat weed on it!! I was having a nanna nap....(I've been really tired lately)....and when I came back to finish it I found a huge wet patch on it! She got a smack for it and I then had to go and try and wash the quilt. I managed to rinse out the bit she weed on and let it drip dry over night so I can finish sewing it today. I want it finished and on the spare bed for when Mum visits on Sunday. It the only quilt she asked about...ie Have you finished it yet?...so I will for when she gets here.

Had a yard clean up yesterday....I pushed the mower while A whipper-snipped. We put the sprinklers on when we where finished and had a long play with Jester in the backyard. That dog is going to need a lot of exercise! The vet told us on Tuesday that he was fat!!! I was slightly offended..he's my baby and he's allowed to be 'chubby' when he is a baby! A says less food and more running/playing. The vet also told us no walking in public areas yet either....opps

Jester continued to play in the sprinklers all night and was very wet...lucky it's not cold at night here anymore.


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