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The last of Blogtober...

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Birthday Treat

Hubby and I had a night away as a birthday treat for me. We stayed here....

at the Escarpment Retreat at Mt Tamborine at the Gold Coast. We found heaps of things to do and we are planning a day trip back with Aden sometime soon! There is an award winning winery, distillery, and cheese factory and I found a fudge shop. YUM!! We are going to do the Rainforest Skywalk next time too!

We went to the Outback Spectacular show. It was fantastic! The food was delicious and the animals were great. It was very entertaining! You couldn't take pictures of the show of course but you could in the main bar before the show. Some stars of the show...not me of course!

Live Music before the show
Mystery and 'Johnno Johnson' the lead character after the show

Aden was a good boy for his Nana and Poppa Mick while we were away! So of course he got a little treat...A little border collie pup of his own...complete with flashing collar!

WIP Wednesday

I decided to make one of these for myself....

I'm up to 4....

How many hats does one need, when one is not a 'hat' person to begin with??

Before the storm...

These were taken over my back fence...A lovely way to end the day!
And yes we did get the storm about an hour later.

day 2....

Nothing melts your heart more than a massive grin and the toddling steps into your arms from the little one...albeit covered in sand and snot!
Aden had his second stay at Day Care today...and despite the tears I could hear as I walked away down the hall, he has had a good day!
He loves playing with the other kids the most I think. I stayed for a little while today and watched him share with the babies. He is the oldest in his group and the only 'walker', yet he doesn't seem to take advantage of that at all. Hopefully that will continue, and he will grow into a kind, considerate little boy.
He made a glitter painting which was hanging on the wall (I can't wait for him to bring something home!!!), he ate all of his lunch, apparently, (this I don't believe as I know what he is like at home with food, but he didn't appear hungry or starved in any way) and he had a lovely time outside!
He was trying out the balance beam when I came to collect him, covered in sand (s…

Cheats Hanging Sleeve

I'm not a big fan of adding hanging sleeves to my quilts...they are totally necessary I just find them super fiddly!

Car sent me this quilt for last years EB Doll Quilt Swap with this alternative to a 'proper' hanging sleeve.

A square folded on the diagonal and sew to the back when you stitch the binding down and no hand sewing! EASY!

Wordless Weekend


Vote for me!

There is some sewing going on around here...just nothing I can show you yet! While you are waiting go and vote for Aden on Facebook so I can win some new cute is he!

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Roary the Racing Car

Aden has started asking for 'rorr-ee' to be put on the TV. He stands way to close to the TV and stares at Roary the Racing Car...but it gives me a few minutes to start tea or tidy up...Thanks Roary
I now know why kids have so many DVDs 'cause the parents get sick of watching the same ones over and over.....

I think there might be another Roary DVD or two in the Christmas stocking this year!

WIP Wednesday

Spots, spots and more spots!
Binding for EB Doll Quilt Swap

Doll Carrier

I've been drafting a pattern for one of these.
This is mine from when I was a little girl and I remember having heaps of fun with it, taking our Cabbage Patch dolls everywhere.

I'm finding a photo to go here

But this one is falling apart...the strap is pulled out and the stitching is comming undone. I could fix this one but the fabric is horrible! Imagine how cute it could look in beautiful fabric!
Look hands!
On the back

I know of a few little girls who would like one for Christmas!


30 Years....360 months....1560 weeks.....10957 days....

Happy Brithday to me!!

There are a few more things I wanted to 'do' before I turned 30 but I'm really happy with where I am in life. I have a wonderful supportive husband, a beautiful son, a loving famliy and great friends....really, what more could you ask for??

It is also World food day!

30 things....

In celebration of my 30th birthday here are 30 random things about me you might not know....

1. I have 1 son, called Aden (but you didn't know that did you!! lol)
2. I want to have at least 2 more kids.
3. My favourite colour is blue.
4. I was always the 'blue' sister when we were growing up and wearing matching dresses
5. I have 2 younger sisters and 1 older brother
6. I loved Maths in high school...I just wasn't very good at it!
7. I'm a terrible driver (and everyone in my family tells me that!)
8. My parents separated when I was 6
9. I am desperate to visit Paris
10. I can't stand it when people bite their nails
11. I enjoy reading the same books over and over again
12. I hate scary movies
13. I plan what I would do in 'worst case scenarios' in my head all the time i.e if there was a fire what would I grab first, if I crashed my car right now what would I do, If I saw a car crash right now how would I help, If Aden got seriously sick how…

The next big adventure!

Adventure for Aden...scary for Mummy!!

Aden starts Day Care, for 1 day a week, next week, progressing to 3 days when I return to work in January. I can't say I'm looking forward to either of those things...returning to work or sending Aden to start his first institutionalised education!

But as it is drawing nearer we have been getting prepared.
I've made his sheet bag

We've gone in and met his carers and new play mates. We've bought labels for his dink bottles, lunch box and clothing. I've made him some more 'Big Butt' Pants

I still have to decide what to put in his lunch box...and how long I'm going to stay and then leave him there for the first day....sounds scary to me!

I think Aden will be just fine but got any tips for helping Mummy survive the first day...

Wivenhoe Dam....take 2

Remember we went to Wivenhoe Dam on the weekend to see the flood gates open...well only 1 was open then. On Tuesday MIL and I took Aden for a drive back to the dam and while we were there they opened the 2nd and 3rd gates...since then they have opened the 4th and 5th gates!! So much water to flow into the Brisbane river and out to sea!

A comparison
Sunday with 1 gate open from the bottom viewing platform
Tuesday with 2 gates open from the same spot..

2 gates open at the closest platform. We didn't go back to this one when they opened the 3rd wouldn't have been able to take a and the camera would have been wet before you tried!
Water Mummy, Look!!

Middle Viewing platform taken from the 1st platform
Copying Nana....
Middle Viewing platform
Getting wet!!
Look at all that hair! The water spray made it stand cute!
2 gates open
Opening the 3rd gate
3 gates open

Aden having a turn of the camera...yes he is kissing it in the second photo!

There were 2 news helicopte…