Barnyard Birthday Party!

Aden had a ball at Alannah's Barnyard Party. He was the first one in to the animal pen and almost the last one out! He fed goats, cuddled lambs, patted chickens and was very gentle with the Guinea pigs. I had been telling him there would be a duck (his favourite word!) but there was none...lucky he is too young to understand and wasn't too upset!!

Eating cake with Cousin Annaleisa
And here is the dress I made for the birthday girl!

From Corrie's free dress pattern I made a size 1 for her petite little body...and tried it on Aden first as they are about the same size!


Helen said…
No duck????! What! Lovely dress, I recognize that material!
Kylie said…
I want a photo of Aiden in the dress!
FuN cake!
liking the photo of the 2 together eating cake :) great for later yrs

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