Birthday Treat

Hubby and I had a night away as a birthday treat for me. We stayed here....

at the Escarpment Retreat at Mt Tamborine at the Gold Coast. We found heaps of things to do and we are planning a day trip back with Aden sometime soon! There is an award winning winery, distillery, and cheese factory and I found a fudge shop. YUM!! We are going to do the Rainforest Skywalk next time too!

We went to the Outback Spectacular show. It was fantastic! The food was delicious and the animals were great. It was very entertaining! You couldn't take pictures of the show of course but you could in the main bar before the show. Some stars of the show...not me of course!

Live Music before the show
Mystery and 'Johnno Johnson' the lead character after the show

Aden was a good boy for his Nana and Poppa Mick while we were away! So of course he got a little treat...A little border collie pup of his own...complete with flashing collar!


ingrid said…
Oh Happy Birthday to you!
Looks like you had a lovely time. I hope you had a good long soak in that bath.
HapPiesT BirtHDaY wishes !
i find this all fascinating as we haven't anything like it here.
Fantastic - locations and activities - glad you could have that time away to celebrate!
Martin Haworth said…
First of all, Happy Birthday to you. I like the pictures and the place where you guys had your birthday retreat. I also wish to celebrate my birthday retreat over there at mt tamborine restaurants.Thanks for sharing.

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