day 2....

Nothing melts your heart more than a massive grin and the toddling steps into your arms from the little one...albeit covered in sand and snot!
Aden had his second stay at Day Care today...and despite the tears I could hear as I walked away down the hall, he has had a good day!
He loves playing with the other kids the most I think. I stayed for a little while today and watched him share with the babies. He is the oldest in his group and the only 'walker', yet he doesn't seem to take advantage of that at all. Hopefully that will continue, and he will grow into a kind, considerate little boy.
He made a glitter painting which was hanging on the wall (I can't wait for him to bring something home!!!), he ate all of his lunch, apparently, (this I don't believe as I know what he is like at home with food, but he didn't appear hungry or starved in any way) and he had a lovely time outside!
He was trying out the balance beam when I came to collect him, covered in sand (stuck on the sunscreen, so I guess that is a good thing), trying to copy the other older kids.

I keep picturing that beautiful grin and the way his whole face lit up when he saw me...ahhhh that is love!

I spent the day feeling a little lost...and ignoring the house work! I found something to keep me busy in the sewing room...but I didn't take any pictures yet...stay tuned!

Can't do a post without a photo though...

from the other grown up does he look!

Please stop taking my picture and get me a drink...I'm dying!


MIL said…
Did you say you were crying as you left him behind??
The thought of sand, snot and sunscreen .... wonderful.
Shannon said…
So cute!!!! He does look grown up!

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